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Pucker: New York City's best new makeup bar

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Located on Grand Street in Soho, Pucker is more than just a makeup bar. It's an oasis for beauty, where you can not only get your makeup done, but also sip on a cocktail, relax in one of two lovely, high-end-hotel-looking lounges, and even take a great cell phone shot of yourself, post application, in the professionally lit "Selfie Station." (How genius is that?)

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Downstairs, there are boutique-worthy changing rooms, where you can put on your evening outfit and forget about the office or exercise clothes you came in with. In fact, there's even a shower, stocked with delicious smelling Malin + Goetz products, so you can freshen up pre-appointment if you're just coming from the gym.

And if you are heading somewhere special right after your appointment, you can store your extra clothes, and any other items you may not want to tote around, in a secure locker, and either pick your stuff up the next day, or have it messengered to the destination of your choice for a small fee.

There's also a large a hair station, complete with a two vanity mirrors and plenty of amenities, so you can touch up your 'do post-appointment.

And these are just the extras!

The makeup bar experience itself is top rate. Upon arrival you are checked in, offered a drink, and left very briefly in a waiting room filled with magazines and Pucker's lookbooks. The menu of services is extensive (and inexpensive, given the makeup and application quality, in addition to the spa-like environment). The makeup artists are all highly professional, incredibly talented, and also fun. It's clear that their job is to make you look and feel like the true beauty that you are; there's not a hint of snobbery anywhere in Pucker's air.

Plus, this is no department store beauty counter, so there's no pressure to buy any products. In fact, the only makeup Pucker sells is its line of lipsticks (cleverly named after now-defunct 90s clubs), but even so, no purchase is ever hinted at or expected.

The idea is simple yet so unique: Pucker is the place to go to get glam, without having to worry about the hassles normally associated with schlepping to a salon. And when you're all done and ready to go, you'll feel nothing short of fabulous.

"It's so gratifying to watch clients walk out feeling transformed," says Hiyam McKelvey, founder of the salon. "There's nothing better than seeing someone come in with slouched shoulders and leave like they're walking a runway."

129 Grand Street
New York, NY
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