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PS3 Review: Earth Defense Force 2025 - The Bugs Are Back

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Earth Defense Force 2025


I adore the first Starship Troopers. It has just the right amount of cheese to be hilarious but still watchable. That is what I associate the EDF games with. It is humans vs giant bugs. At it's core, the first EDF was pretty bad. The combat was sluggish despite you fighting hordes of giants insects, the visuals were average, and the voice overs were pretty bad (the dialogue was mainly to blame). However, the game was so bad and strange it was good and it made a name for itself as a cult classic. It has been quite a while since the first EDF game was released and fans rallied together and pleaded for a sequel. While the PS3/360/Wii generation is coming to a close, EDF 2025 still made it to consoles. Is it worth it though?

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The insects are back, and mysterious ships are dropping them everywhere across the globe. Only the Earth Defense Force can stop this outbreak and save the planet. A problem is growing and it appears as though the EDF was unprepared for the scale and even intelligence of the insect horde. The humans must learn to adapt like the insects to keep the battle in their favor. Why are the insects back? You would think as a standard soldier you would have no need to find the answer, but it is up to you and your squad to uncover the truth and eradicate the insect legion.

The story itself is bad. It is that simple, when you couple it with the hilariously poor written dialogue and B Movie cheese, it becomes somewhat charming and refreshing. I guess too many shooters take themselves seriously these days and I am just looking for something new and fresh. EDF 2025 may just be that refresher I needed. I am tired of the Titanfall hype, I am sick of the dudebro serious nature of Battlefield and Call of Duty. I just want something that focuses on killing stuff in a non serious manner, and in that way, EDF 2025 shines ever so bright. The story may be bad and it may even be generic. However, it doesn't try to be serious. That alone saves the story for bringing down the game.

There is a lot of content in EDF 2025. This ranges from the amount of levels, replay value, and weapons. There are some problems with the execution of the game flow that hinder EDF's replay value. One, there are too many load times. There will be a loading time before a 15 second cutscene then another loading session after that. I guess it makes sense since the levels are not procedurally generated along with the amount of enemies on screen per level. I digress and a spoiled gamer nowadays. Weapons and armor are drops form enemies and their rank I assume is determined by the difficulty and level you are playing on. Sadly, you will not be getting powerful high level weapons while playing on normal or hard. Everything worthwhile is on the highest difficulty and there is clearly a balance issue there. Nothing seems to scale well in the game. The more armor you collect the more HP you get during missions. However, you will be killing enemies in hard to reach places as well as far away. Unless you are the Wing Diver class, it takes AGES to get from point A to point B. Dare I say this is the worst part of EDF 2025 is how slow your character moves. Jumping and rolling are also keyed to the same button so when you want to jump, you will roll and visa verse since the action is dictated by camera placement.

The actual combat is not too bad though. It is gratuitous and unnecessary which plays into the whole B Movie cheese theme EDF 2025 is still going with. The weapon variety is pretty large and every class uses different weapons which is very welcomed in this sequel. While the missions stay the same, how you approach them will be very different. Playing a mission as a Wing Diver will be played very differently compared to the ranger. In addition to character classes and plenty of weapons, there are vehicles. They are a nice addition to the game and it really helps change up the game flow, unfortunately it does not come into the game early enough.

Earth Defense Force 2025 is a fun game. It is pure arcade fun. However, there are many game design flaws in terms of game flow and weapon drop balance issues. B Movie cheese can only go so far and sadly the game's still present sluggish gameplay coupled with inconsistent game flow really hurts EDF 2025's time to shine. It is certainly an improvement on the old game, but it is not enough. I give Earth Defense Force 2025 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 a 5/10. It is certainly playable and can even be fun at times, but those flaws start to get really hard to ignore.