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'Proxy' is a Great Indie that Hits You at the Core



'Proxy' is about the life of three parents who have all shared the loss of a child. Motives are not what they seem and sanity is in short supply in this thriller.

'Proxy' takes a slow and methodical approach to filmmaking. Like his previous film, 'Scalene', this film provides access to additional perspectives that traditional cinema doesn't normally take.

What makes Parker's films quite fascinating is how he continues to shoot his movies in his home town of Richmond, IN. If there were no mentions of the town, one would assume this was filmed in a Hollywood backlot. This is a truly professional and inspiring work of art that makes indy filmmakers consider if they too can take such an approach in their small town.

Zack Parker's cast gives stunning performances, with every actor giving solid gold. What makes this movie special is how Parker takes his time with each and every shot. Nothing appears rushed. This movie trumps Hollywood's overly budgeted, high concept films by staying true to exceptional story telling and providing solid filmmaking that is booth eerie, methodical and so much fun.

Filmmakers will recognize the lighthearted hometown actor like Don Becker, who was in the highly acclaimed national Doritos commercial in this movie.

In conclusion, we get a twist that makes you appreciate the journey of the perspectives.

If you like twists, terrific filmmaking and a solid cast, 'Proxy' is the movie film lovers will like to see.

Review by

Joe Allen Barniak

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