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Protect your skin from chlorine with DermaSwim

DermaSwim pre-swimming lotion protects the skin from the effects of chlorine.
DermaSwim pre-swimming lotion protects the skin from the effects of

DermaSwim Pre-Swimming Lotion


As summer approaches, more and more families will be flocking to their local pools. While a welcome respite from the heat, most pools use chlorine to kill bacteria and to sanitize, which can be harmful to your health. Although there are healthier alternatives to chlorine, it is still widely used in many pools and hot tubs. One of the concerns of repeated contact with chlorine is the havoc it can wreak on your skin. After reading about the harmful effects of chlorinated pools, I knew I had to seek a way to limit my exposure. I did not want to give up going to the pool altogether, but wanted to see what ways I could protect my skin during my time in the water.

During my research, I came across DermaSwim Pre-Swimming Lotion. I am very careful about what I use on my skin when it comes to skin care. I aim to use all natural and/or organic ingredients if possible. I was happy to see that 97% of the ingredients in the new and improved DermaSwim formula are natural. I was given the opportunity to review DermaSwim for my column and I loved it! I had the chance to test out DermaSwim on a recent trip to Great Wolf Lodge over spring break. As I was not sure how my skin would react to the lotion, and how it would affect my psoriasis patches, I did not use as much as I wanted to. I wanted to see how my skin would react first. The lotion has a very pleasant smell, which is a plus. I love the consistency, as it is thick and creamy and provides great coverage. A little goes a long way. After the first application, I experienced no ill effects from the lotion. I could tell where I did not apply any lotion at all or enough; my skin was itchy in those areas. In the places where I used more of the product, my skin felt great. I also noticed after we finished swimming, for once, I did not smell like chlorine. That was great!

The next day, I used more lotion and concentrated on my patches of psoriasis. Once again, no itchy skin or chlorine smell. My skin felt smooth and moisturized. I am used to my skin being dried out and having to scratch uncontrollably by the end of our trip. I am happy to report that due to using DermaSwim, I had none of those problems. My mother and children used it as well, to the same great results. I am so happy to not have to worry about our skin while we enjoy being in the pool. I highly recommend it!

DermaSwim can be purchased online via Amazon: Dermaswim Pro (Jar) Pro pre-swimming lotion, 8 Ounces.

For more info about DermaSwim, including FAQ and more, visit their website:

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