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'Prom Night In Mississippi'

To break this log jam that exists.


By Julie D. Griffin

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Morgan Freeman
NEW YORK - JULY 16: (L-R) Film subjects Chasidy Buckley and Jessica Shivers address the audience following the HBO screening of 'Prom Night In Mississippi' at the HBO Theater on July 16, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for
Photo by Michael Loccisano

"Allow these children to have social interaction and they will." Morgan Freeman expounds upon two separate proms with two separate prom queens ~ "You're trying to change the people who teach them," as opposed to changing the kids. But really Morgan Freeman and this documentary about the prom he paid for, and he offered more than even just one time to pay for the whole entire small Mississippi town prom. "Tradition is one thing. Idiocy is another." Several white men, who once graduated from a Mississippi high school in 1977, now administrators agreed to help Freeman more than pleasantly welcome the money gift he gave to change lives and knock down barriers between ethnic groups.

Tallahatchee and of all things, it is 2008. "It's 2008. You can't have the same prejudice against us you had fifty years ago," pleads one young black teenager girl. Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman, himself said, "Some years ago, I was here visiting a school, and I was talking to the senior class ~ Would you like to have a prom instead of two or three? You all arrange your prom. I'll pay for it. If it's left up to the kids, it will be fine. Grown-ups get too involved. You shut the door on someone when you shut them out or shun them." The Charleston, Mississippi prom night changes for the best after for the first time in years one prom for all races wins out of the typical three always held there for years before. "Prom Night in Mississippi was directed by Canadian director Paul Saltzman with his wife Patricia Aquino acting as producer. It was filmed over a four-month period on a budget of $750,000 of the director's own money." Many children forbidden by parents to attend the finally 2008 integrated prom attended anyway.