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"Projects To Get You Off The Grid" Lacks Projects For Beginners

Projects To Get You Off The Grid by


"Projects To Get You Off The Grid" is an project, edited by Noah Weinstein. is a site where anyone can put up the instructions on how to make any sort of item, from sewing on a button to creating your own solar panals. The editors picked out what they thought were some of the best projects to help people live a life "off the grid" and included them in this 20 project book.

The main drawback to this book is that it is limited. As noted by Mr. Weinstein inthe forward, allows the user to not only post their poject, but provide any number of links and tutorials to successfully complete all parts of the project. These items are noticeably missing from the book, and the reader is instructed in the editor's notes to look at the project online for those details - details that could be highly necessary to the project listed, like basic woodworking, how to solder wires correctly, the basics of electrical engineering.By not including these details, the book is self defeating in its very title- projects to get you off the grid, yet you must be connected to the grid to get the full details of the project.

Otherwise, the book has some nice projects - building a chicken coop or chicken trailer, building a greenhouse out of old windows, creating rain barrels, to advanced projects like building your own solar panels, a solar lawn mower, even how to create your won electricity generating wind turbines.

The pictures are good, the text is clear and readable, but I will still give this book a 3 out of 5, basically due to the lack of the other necessary information needed to complete projects contained in the book.

I found it at my local library - if you're interested, you should check it out there too. And check out for all sorts of neat projects.

"Projects To Get You Off The Grid", edited by Noah Weinstein. Skyhorse Publishing 2013