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Product review: AI Sports Nutrition – Alpha Lipoic Acid

AI Sports Nutrition's Alpha Lipoic Acid
AI Sports Nutrition's Alpha Lipoic Acid
Used with company's permission

AI Sports Nutrition: Alpha Lipoic Acid


AI Sports Nutrition sent along a sample of their various products for the purpose of review. We previously considered their RecoverPro, today we will focus on their Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement.

The AI in AI Sports refers to Anabolic Innovations. “Anabolic” refers to the building and maintaining of muscle (as opposed to catabolic).

The fact is that exercise is 100% catabolic. Indeed, strictly speaking, exercise only damages muscle. In fact, your muscles do not grow in the gym (or, during your chosen exercise). No, it is rest and recovery that is anabolic, it is during rest and recovery that your muscles grow. Thus, AI Sports Nutrition is geared toward providing those supplements that will enhance your body’s recuperative abilities…and then some, actually.

No, Alpha Lipoic Acid is not that stuff you took at the Pink Floyd concert.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is known a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory and thus, is used in fat loss supplements, joint health supplements, etc. Moreover, since it tighten skin via its rejuvenating properties (it is found in many skin care products), helping you gain that shrink wrapped, show off those abs look.

AI Sports Nutrition’s Alpha Lipoic Acid will benefit you inside and out and is thus, a great addition to a fitness / sports related lifestyle.

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