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Private Lives at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

Private Lives
Private Lives

Review of Private Lives


The Cincinnati Shakespeare Company is currently celebrating their 20th season which has been spirited and entertaining. They are finishing this year with a delightful and delectable comedy call Private Lives. This production opened on June 6 and continues until June 29, 2014.

The story is about a divorced couple Elyot(Jeremy Dubin) and Amanda(Kelly Mengelkoch) whose marriage ended badly. The good times were often overshadowed by the bad. The marriage did however, have a sense of excitement, passion and adventure which each craved. It is now 5 years later both have recently remarried. Elyot to Sibyl(Sara Clark) who is more prim and proper then Amanda, Amanda to Victor(Brent Vimtrup), he is more mature in age and attitude then Elyot. Victor is more stuffy and rigid on how things should be done. Amanda in her heart still craves excitement that she once had. Both couples are on their honeymoons when they find other ex's are in the suite adjacent to each other. Elyot and Amanda rediscover the passion once lost and they begin to sneak around.

The entire cast was captivating and enticing as the story is played out right in front of you.

Jeremy Dubin is great in drawing out of the passion of the character Elyot his fear, desire and boldness.

Kelly Melgelkock is brilliant also in her portrayal of Amanda showing her vulnerabilities, desires, and strength.

Ticketing information can be obtained at, by phone at #513-381-2273 or the Box Office. Private Lives will leave you in a good mood and craving more theatre. This is a show well worth checking out.