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Pringles Southwestern ranch tortilla chips review

Pringles Southwestern ranch tortilla chips
Judy Toth

Pringles Southwestern ranch tortilla chips


February 24 is National Tortilla Chip Day and what better way to celebrate than with the new Pringles tortilla chips.

The new Pringles® Tortillas are crunchy corn tortilla chips, in the iconic Pringles shape, loaded with delicious, taste bud-tingling flavors. Available in original, southwestern ranch or nacho cheese flavors, they taste so good that dipping is optional.

We were asked to sample the new tortilla chips and since we are big fans of Pringles, we asked them send us a few flavors. They Southwestern ranch flavor Pringles tortilla chips come in the same type can as their potato chips do so we knew that the chips would arrive in one piece. There were a few broken chips on the top, but certainly not as many as we would find in a bag of chips. As we opened the can, the aroma of salsa came through. They smelled fabulous. They were crunchy, light and the cooling flavor of ranch hits your tongue first followed by a hint of salsa. These are NOT the type of chips that burn the outer layer of your tongue with burning spices. They offer just a hint of spiciness that is perfect for everybody. We savored the nice flavor and sweetness of corn along with the hint of spice after the chips were gone.

Most of us use tortilla chips as a medium for gobbling up our favorite dips, so tasting the chip alone was only the first part of the test. We had two dips in the house that would work with these chips. The first was ranch dressing. We scooped up a little ranch on the nacho cheese chip and the flavor meld was nice. Then we tried salsa. We did not think that the salsa added much to the flavor of the chip. It was good, but not great. While we did not have any available to test, we thought that these might be incredible with bean dip and guacamole.

The chips are a little fragile though, so if you are going to use them to scoop up bean dip or heavy guacamole, you may want to spoon the dip on the chip.

All in all, these chips are really good. They have a bold flavor, crunchy with a light texture and are truly delicious. The fact that they come in cans and maintain their shape is definitely a plus.

Besides eating them as chips, it is easy to see other uses for them. They would make a fabulous crust for a savory, Mexican-type pie or casserole and they would be wonderful crumbled on top of a dip, frijoles or anything you enjoy.

They are now available at most grocery and mass retailers in the Phoenix area for a suggested retail price of $1.79. For more information on new Pringles Tortillas, visit Pringles.

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