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PrinceCharles Nightlife does not pay employees and discriminates against Blacks

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PrinceCharles Nightlife LLC


I was hired for PrinceCharles Nightlife LLC as an Interactive Media Supervisor I was told that I would could be paid every two weeks or once a month. Once two weeks passed I asked about my pay the owner Charles Ewudo told me that employees get paid the following month for all work done the previous month. The date I was promised to get paid arrived owner said that checks would get sent out that week. It is now May three months after my hire date and PrinceCharles Nightlife LLC still has not paid me. This is just one of the companie's issues they also do not wish to market towards urban Black people, groups that live in Compton, or gangster types. As I was facilitating their many social media sites I was advised not to target these groups of people because they more than likely could not afford their services. In addition one of the perks I was promised during interview was that employees would get to host their party's at their venue and would receive ten free drinks. Once I began to plan my birthday party they told me that I would have to make sure that guests would spend $500 in drinks. I told owner that was not what I was initially told when I got hired. I also said that it was not my responsibility to get my guests to order that many drinks and spend that much money. The night of my party I was only given passes for five drinks. I was never given the full ten as promised earlier. After birthday party the owner Charles continued to tell me not market towards urban Black people on one of my Facebook pages despite the fact that most of my friends on Facebook are music celebrities, business owners, film producers, and entertainment leaders. When I spoke to owner about these incidents he then began to place the blame on the venues that he holds his events at such as the Cosmo nightclub stating that they want Justin Bieber and Katy Perry crowds. They also insulted some of the business owners that I placed on the companie's site. After all of this I told the owner that what he was doing was against the law. It is bad business to discriminate on groups of people based on their race, color, ethnicity, class, finances, and by what part of town they happen to live in. It is also terrible business to to not pay employees on time. Businesses also should not offer incentives and perks and not follow through with them. Plus it is also against the law to avoid paying employees for services and work done when a written and verbal contract were made. I give this business 1 star when they actually should receive negative 10 stars for discriminating against groups of people they perceive to not have enough resources to pay for their services based on their color of their skin or by the types of clothes they wear. To view the clubs and events that PrinceCharles Nightlife LLC hosts and the companies that it markets for go here ; Link up with Hollywood Small Business Examiner for further information and local news on small businesses by subscribing to the top of this page, or follow me on Twitter. Do you have any suggestions on small businesses that you would like to see spotlighted in If so leave a comment indicating where more information on business can be located at.