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Pride and Prejudice at Playhouse will Astonish!

Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

Pride and Prejudice at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park


The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park has done a great job with a remarkable remake of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Theatergoers will be delighted with this production as the characters come to life, delivering a funny, witty, and spirited show. The old adage "The course of true love never did run smooth" is very apparent in this performance as a cat and mouse game is played in front you.

The story begins in 1813 England, in Longbourn village with a slightly eccentric family the Bennets. They have five single daughters, Jane, Elizabeth, Kate, Mary, and Lydia but no male heirs. In England at the time property had to pass to the male heir of a family, but if there is no immediate male heir, it would go the closest living relative who was a man. The Bennet girls could not inherit the family estate so if they didn’t get married, they would be homeless. Mrs. Bennet was determined to get her girls married off and preferably to someone who had money. News of a wealthy gentlemen a Mr. Bingley moving into a nearby estate in Netherfield Park stirs the imagination of Mrs. Bennett. Jane and Mr. Bingley meet at a public function and take a liking to each other. Mr. Bingley’s closest friend a Mr. Darcy attends that social function with him and meets Elizabeth. She tries to entice him originally, but he shows her no interest. She sees him as arrogant and rude. However, Mr. Darcy in truth does become intrigued with her charm, beauty, and intelligence. He makes gestures toward her, but she is disinterested. This behavior continues between both of them throughout the play until love finally wins.

The cast of Pride and Prejudice is astonishing and amazing.

Loren Dunn as Mr. Darcy was brilliant. He played the character so sternly, and serious, and from proud to shy. His behavior leads to some amusing, as well as sweet moments in the performance.

Kate Cook as Elizabeth Bennet, she was bold, a the truly independent woman who can take care herself. However, if Mr. Darcy wanted to be with her, he must be daring with her also no games. The back and forth chase between their personalities was great. Kate Cook is well known to Playhouse audiences in The Book Club from last season where she played the character of Ana in an extraordinary performance.

Kate Goehring as Mr. Bennett was incredible and outrageous. She played the character of the mother of the girls as silly, goofy, and gold digging, it was pleasure to watch.

Cincinnati Playhouse will leave you with wanting to see what else they have to offer after attending this show. Tickets to this show range in price from $30-$80 depending on date and seat location. More information is available at