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Preview of the farewell to Christina Yang

Sandra Oh
Photo by Frazer Harrison

Farewell to Christina Yang Part 1


Expecting an epic start to this week’s Grey’s Anatomy? Well it didn't start off with anything interesting, just the regular everyday stuff. They advertised with such hype for the farewell episodes of Sandra Oh as Christina Yang. This episode is a big deal and should have the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the entire episode. Instead they sit wondering when she will decide to leave the hospital and why.
Finally, half way through the episode we learn a little of the truth behind why Yang lost the Harper Avery Award during last week’s episode. Doctor Weber confronts his girlfriend Doctor Avery about why Yang didn't win when everyone thought she should have. The Harper Avery Foundation co-owns the hospital in which Christina Yang works at and it on the board of. Therefore, Christina Yang could never win the Harper Avery Award while working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.
Doctor Weber continues to argue the fact that if she couldn't have won, they shouldn't have nominated Christina Yang. The foundations did it to gain publicity. It is as simple as that. Yang would have won if she technically could have. Instead she is disappointed about not winning; not knowing it was simply because she couldn't. It was because she was used.
In her final episode, she continues to battle with trying to save the lives of three sick children, all three from the same family, all with rapidly declining heart conditions. For weeks now, we have watched this family struggle through continually worse conditions. The doctors still cannot discover the reason for all three children to have suddenly similar heart conditions, but now trying to keep them alive is much more important than finding the cause.
Christina and Owen couldn't save Frankie. It was a powerful moment, but a terribly sad moment to witness. Tear jerker, and devastating to Doctor Yang. “What’s the point of anything?” is what Christina Yang asks Owen, and then he tells Christina that she technically won the Harper Avery on votes. He told her that the foundation screwed her.
Christina Yang walks out of the building, and leaves, but where will she decide to go? Next week a reunion seven years in the making as Isaiah Washington returns and asks Yang to marry him all over again. Will she say yes, marry him, and run away with him forever? Is that where Christina Yang goes?
The best part of the episode was when April surprises Jackson with the fact that she is pregnant. Surprise!

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