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'Pretty Little Liars' 'Who's in the Box' review: Ezra's cabin and Ali's diary

Hanna plays the role of detective on the 'Pretty Little Liars' season four Winter premiere.
Hanna plays the role of detective on the 'Pretty Little Liars' season four Winter premiere.
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'Pretty Little Liars' 'Who's in the Box?'


Pretty Little Liars” season four is back, and things are changing in Rosewood, now that the four friends know that Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) is really alive. That revelation definitely has its consequences, ones that are only starting to become apparent on the January 7th episode “Who’s in the Box?”

But before the girls start thinking about those consequences, there’s a few distractions, namely Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) briefly returning only to say farewell again so he can go back to his new TV show “Rosewood.” His moments with Hanna (Ashley Benson) were emotional, but really added nothing to the whole ABC FamilyPLL” drama. After all, he’s not going to give away what supernatural things are happening in the next town over.

The real drama of “Pretty Little Liars” “Who’s in the Box” centered around two things. First, the attitude of all four girls is changing now that they’re armed with the knowledge of Alison really being alive. Emily (Shay Mitchell) makes the long over-due realization that Alison used people and never really understood love. For the other girls, their quest now has a purpose, one that involves finding Ali before A does. (After all, A’s latest message is: “Ali, Ali, Oxen-free, Whoever finds her, gets to keep her.”) All this even leads Detective Hanna to coming up with her best theory ever: if Ali isn’t buried in her grave, another girl is, and it may provide a clue as to who is looking for Ali now.

The other big moment of the “PLL” season four winter premiere was Ezra (Ian Harding). Anything he does now is interesting, simply for the fact that fans know he’s A. While discussions about “Jekyll and Hyde” are clearly a reference to Ezra’s two faces, it was even more entertaining to see Mona (Janel Parrish) and Ezra sparring in code out in public. And now it seems that Mona is in Ezra’s crosshairs, as Ezra talked about the power of fear and Mona basically gave away the fact that she knows who Ezra really is.

When Ezra isn’t taunting Mona with threats, he is making nice with Aria (Lucy Hale), again. And Aria is eating up every single one of his words out in his secluded cabin where there’s no cell service or Internet. But is this Ezra’s first mistake? Even if he wins Aria’s “love” again with a kiss? After all, he has a secret in that cabin, if him staring at a handle on the floor is any indication.

Other things are afoot as well as on “PLL.” When Spencer (Troian Bellisario) isn’t trying to contact Jason, she’s finding proof that Toby’s mom didn’t commit suicide, which could be enough intel to shut Radley down. Last but not least, Mr. Hastings doesn’t trust Jessica DiLaurentis, something that Hanna doesn’t know. Otherwise, Hanna wouldn’t be nearly as excited about her mom’s new job with Jessica.

As if that’s not enough setup for the rest of the season, there’s one last thing that might change the girls’ attitude toward helping Ali return home: Hanna admits she has Ali’s journal. In that journal, Ali shares exactly what she thinks of all the girls.

What did you think of the big return of “Pretty Little Liars”?

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