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‘Pretty Little Liars’ ‘Love Shack, Baby’ review: Ezra the creepster

The girls hunker down in Ezra's "secret" cabin on "Pretty Little Liars" "Love Shack, Baby"
The girls hunker down in Ezra's "secret" cabin on "Pretty Little Liars" "Love Shack, Baby"
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'Pretty Little Liars' 'Love Shack, Baby'


On “Pretty LIttle Liars,” Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) is becoming quite the creepster as he stalks the four girls and attempts to get Ali’s diary. That’s the real story of “Love Shack, Baby,” which aired on January 14, but it wasn’t the only plot.

Much of the ABC Family episode involved the girls attempting to decode Ali’s diary, since it’s essentially, as Spencer (Troian Bellisario) said, “creative nonfiction with pseudonyms.” The biggest clue they gather is that Ali (Sasha Pieterse) may have spent some time hiding out at the now-closed Busy Bee Inn. The other things they discover is, no surprise here, secrets about one another, namely that Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Aria’s brother Mike hooked up years ago. It’s embarrassing, yes, but it’s importance lays more in the significance of the larger issue at hand: the girls are still afraid to tell each other the truth.

Other secrets include Emily (Shay Mitchell) hiding the fact that Ali is in contact with her, kind of. Not only did Ali visit her in her bedroom -- although she thought it was a dream at first -- but Ali also left her a note to meet at “our spot.” Then there’s what’s going on between Spencer, Toby (Keegan Allen), and the crazy house Radley. Something is definitely afoot here for the simple reason that Mr. Hastings is hiding something about Jessica DiLaurentiis, and perhaps about Radley too; after all, he’s now saying that Toby’s mom’s death was an accident after all.

But the most dangerous secret belongs to Aria (Lucy Hale) on “Pretty Little Liars” “Love Shack, Baby.” While Spencer is suspicious, no one knows that Aria and Ezra are, kind of, back together, even though she hasn’t broken up with Jake yet. Even if they did know about Aria and Ezra, they wouldn’t see the truth of the matter: that Ezra seems to be everywhere they are, lurking.

After all, Ezra knows they have Ali’s diary, and he’s trying everything he can to get it, even stupidly searching Hanna’s room while Ms. Marin is just downstairs on the phone. But then he acts more like the A that "PLL" fans know by locking Aria and Spencer in his cabin while he steals the diary. While the tension of this scene is partially relieved by Travis showing up to tow their car and being greeted with the girls wielding “weapons” like an oar and fire poker, it goes to show the girls really aren’t being all that careful, despite everything they know about A watching them.

“Looks like I’m winning,” A texts the girls. “Thanks for the tip.” Knowing that Ezra is the one behind this text makes it all the more creepier. He knows these girls. He sees them every day. One of them even trusts him with her “love.” And when she, Aria, discovers the truth, it’s going to be the most dramatic moment of the show yet. But the show isn't quite there yet.

“Pretty Little Liars” airs on ABC Family Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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