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‘Pretty Little Liars’ ‘Cover for Me’ review: Aria vs. Ezra, and a new A theory

Spencer uncovers an old memory on "Pretty Little Liars' "Cover for Me."
Spencer uncovers an old memory on "Pretty Little Liars' "Cover for Me."
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'Pretty Little Liars' 'Cover for Me'


Pretty Little Liars” “Cover for Me” -- which aired on March 4 -- started out slow while the girls worked out some personal issues. But by episode’s end, things got mega creepy as something big may or may not have been revealed. Then again, this isn’t the first time the show has proposed another theory about who A really is.

While Emily (Shay Mitchell) is playing detective and talking to Mona (Janel Parrish) about how she helped Ezra (Ian Harding) with his book on the ABC Family drama, Hanna (Ashley Benson) is learning what the cops are really up to. For one, Officer Holbrook shows Hanna the note he received about Ali being alive, and by episode’s end, Hanna is confronting Emily about telling Paige that Ali is alive. Yet that’s hardly the big reveal on “PLL.”

Rather that reveal happens in two ways on “Pretty Little Liars” “Cover for Me.” For starters, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is remembering things from her first bout with drugs the summer Ali went missing, thanks to a drug and alcohol abuse counselor. She remembers more than just a shovel; she even thinks she remembers hitting Ali with it, spraying blood across her own face. But is this a memory? Or is she just using other people’s memories, like Cece and Mrs. DiLaurentis's, to fill in the blanks?

It’s hard to tell so far, but one thing is clear: Mrs. Jessica DiLaurentis is getting creepy. “No mother should watch her child die,” she tells Spencer; she may be talking about a fundraiser, but it’s a veiled comment nonetheless. Not to mention Mrs. DiLaurentis’s comment about clean sheets the day after Spencer finds dirt in her bed along with a note that says, “I know you dug her grave. Now I’m digging yours. Kisses.”

Ezra might have an explanation for these threats and comments though, which Aria finally learns once she forgets about her week-long fling at Syracuse and finally confronts Ezra (Or as Twitter calls it, #AriavsEzra). After reading Ezra’s manuscript on “PLL,” Aria and the rest of the girls have a new theory in hand: that Mrs. DiLaurentis is actually A.

And the reason Mrs. DiLaurentis doesn’t want the “Pretty Little Liars” girls to bring Ali back? Because she’s afraid Spencer is dangerous. Maybe Spencer is -- after all, her parents did cover for her that summer -- but after all this time, the explanation almost seems too tidy. If the show has proved anything, not everything is what it seems at first.

Then again, in the final moments of “Cover for Me,” Spencer sees a light go on in the DiLaurentis home. As she approaches her own window, Jessica appears from the shadows. But then she disappears when Mrs. Hastings goes to check in on Spencer. Completely and totally creepy -- but it begs the question, why now? If Mrs. DiLaurentis is so sure that Spencer hurt her daughter years ago, why has she focused on tormenting all the other girls too in the past couple seasons too?

Clearly, the whole story still hasn’t been revealed, and who knows if Mrs. DiLaurentis really is A. After all, a few weeks ago everyone was convinced Ezra was A, and now everyone knows that’s not really the case.

“Pretty Little Liars” airs on ABC Family Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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