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‘Pretty Little Liars’ ‘Bite Your Tongue’ review: Does Spencer find Board Shorts?

The girls receive a startling message from A on 'Pretty Little Liars' 'Bite Your Tongue.'
The girls receive a startling message from A on 'Pretty Little Liars' 'Bite Your Tongue.'
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'Pretty Little Liars' 'Bite Your Tongue'


On “Pretty Little Liars” at least one girl is sneaking closer to the truth about Ezra (Ian Harding) on “Bite Your Tongue,” which aired on January 28. And it’s actually the only girl who doesn’t seem to be targeted, currently, on the ABC Family drama.

While Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is working on Alison’s diary, or as she calls it, “mad libs in reverse,” Hanna (Ashley Benson) is playing detective, bizarrely enough, by reading murder mysteries. Meanwhile on “PLL,” Aria (Lucy Hale) is not only worried about her brother Mike’s burgeoning and strange romantic relationship with Mona (Janel Parrish), but she’s also making things worse for Ezra when she confronts Maggie. Last but most definitely not least is Emily (Shay Mitchell). Her dad may be worrying about her paranoia, but turns out she has good reason: someone is definitely taunting her.

Plus, the girls have to deal with their own personal relationships with each other, namely Emily simply can’t forgive Hanna for ruining her meeting with Alison last week on “Close Encounters.” But really, Emily’s issues with Spencer are the least of her problems.

Through all this, Ezra is, shockingly, becoming even creepier. He’s texting someone about experiencing a setback with Alison, and then a gift falls into his lap: Mr. Fielding asks for his help with Emily. And then to make matters worse, it appears that Ezra is now colluding with Mona. Last, but not least, Ezra makes a veiled threat about Maggie that could be about any of the girls: “People get what they deserve… eventually.”

The intrigue doesn’t stop there on “Pretty Little Liars” “Bite Your Tongue.” When Hanna makes the smart move of visiting Alison’s dentist to look at the files -- and figure out who might have swapped out Ali's dental records -- she gets a little too close for A’s comfort. Hanna ends up drugged and with something implanted in her mouth.

Hanna isn’t the only one being tortured. Emily, while making copies at school at night, gets freaked out when someone starts locking doors, blaring heavy metal music, and putting a message on the school announcement screen that says, “Act normal, bitch.” But why act normal when someone really is stalking her? Fortunately for Emily her dad comes to save the day. But unfortunately for Emily, she learns that her dad has a heart problem.

Yet, that’s far from the big reveal of the night. Spencer, forgoing her physics studying, has revealed a big clue: the love story that Alison wrote about in her journal. It leads her to The Hart and The Hunstman bar near Hollis College, where she finds someone enjoying the same food, boisenberry pie with “Board Shorts” ale, that he did with Alison: Ezra. But Ezra doesn’t realize she’s made this connection… at least not yet.

Even so, that’s not how this thrilling “PLL” episode ends. A has one last note for the girls, and it’s written on the thing he stuck inside Hanna’s mouth. “I told you: Dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking.”

Of course this note will only drive the girls more. Even so, Spencer isn’t ready to share her suspicions about Ezra, not until she has proof. But that’s exactly what’s going to make Spencer A's next target.

“Pretty Little Liars” airs on ABC Family Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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