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‘Pressing Into Thin Places,’ by Margaret Harrell Wills, EdD

Brown Christian Press
by Margaret Harrell Wills, EdD

This small size hardback teaches patience, trust and belief for anyone who struggles with doubt and fear.


‘Pressing Into Thin Places,’ by Margaret Harrell Wills, EdD, Brown Christian Press, 2011, 232 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1934812990, $16.95

Dr. Wills borrows from Christian Celtic tradition to title her book and explore what the Celts call “thin places,” what Celts describe as the removal of a veil that normally separates heaven and earth. A brief moment in time when heaven and earth intersect and the deep presence of God is felt as the spiritual and natural world connect. She shares her experiences of such events to provide encouragement, hope and inspiration for those dark, hurting times when faith is challenged.

But, also to share important truths she discovered when God pulled “back the veil” and allowed her to glimpse His eternal love, grace, power and peace. Twelve sections of fifty compelling, well-written short narratives and poetry demonstrate the power and diversity of her “thin place” experiences.

These stories and poetry, a testament to God’s work in the lives of believers, encourage readers to recognize personal experiences of their often overlooked “thin places.” Too often, when pain or heartache enters our lives, the lie of the enemy is believed that whispers we deserve what happens, it’s our fault.

In the introduction to Pressing into Thin Places, Tom Boswell explores what he says are “…two common myths…” When hearts are given to Christ, life “…will be easy and pain-free.” Or, if experiences of trouble, misfortune or heartache occur, the believer “…must have fallen out of God’s favor…wandered away from His plan…”

He reminds readers Christianity isn’t “…a carefree romp through the daisies…” God does use “…discipline or tribulation to correct or guide…even Christ and his disciples had to pass through storms.”

Dr. Will’s uses the analogy of a captain, passengers and boat to remind readers have faith and trust in Christ because we are “safely” in the boat with our Captain at the wheel, who guides our course. We need to let go of our fears “…and trust the One who can still the waves with a word.”

This small size hardback teaches patience, trust and belief for anyone who struggles with doubt and fear. It fits nicely on a nightstand or in a purse and would make a beautiful gift for mother, grandmother, friend, or anyone who struggles with hurt, loss or bereavement. Available at Seattle’s

Back Cover Copy:

The Celts called them “Thin Places”—the experience of acute awareness of the presence of God, a fleeting moment when heaven and earth converge. In Pressing into Thin Places, Margaret encourages us to be open to and aware of these momentary thin places that are part of our walk of faith.

Dr. Margaret Wills invites questioning, thinking, and hurting readers to recognize glimpses of wonder and to draw strength and find rest in the presence of a loving God. Dr. Wills knows from her own experiences that life is not simple and that we all need encouraging words and reasons to hang on to hope. With transparency and refreshing gentleness, Wills tackles subject such as:

  • Universal fears
  • Disappointments
  • Depression
  • Wounded relationships
  • Death of loved ones
  • Faith in adversity

She beckons readers to pull aside the veil and to see into that “thin space,” as the Celtics called it, where all that separates heaven and earth becomes almost transparent.

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