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'President Wolfman' DVD Review

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President Wolfman


John Wolfman is a politician who has a secret. He is a single father with a son named Bobby. He is involved in a crisis where his opponents are wanting to sell the United States over to China. He also has some terrible murders that are taking place in Washington D.C. to deal with. President Wolfman has problems with a mad scientist and a Vice President who is trying to kill his son.

In other words this comedy/political/drama of a film will keep you going from start to finish. Now, I'm here to tell ya that you need to keep both eyes open cause if you blink your going to miss something and it may keep you wondering what happened all through the rest of the movie. This political farce comes out on DVD at a great time when the November elections are right around the corner and let's face it with the way things are right now politically we could all use a good laugh.

There is one thing I forgot to mention 'President Wolfman' is an actual werewolf. Yes that's right John Wolfman is an actual werewolf. He had been bitten by one and has been able to keep his secret all through the his time in office but yes like all secrets in Washington it all comes out in the end.

Wild Eye Releasing is bringing us this offbeat comedy/horror and will be releasing it on August 26, 2014. Now this movie was made as what was called a "green film". This is where it was put together in a different sort of way. It was put together from scraps of other films in a recycled fashion. It is similar to what you might have seen on Mystery Science Theater. The quality of the DVD is good and the visual and sound are of great quality. This is one of those films that you may have never taken the time to see but I must tell you that it is worth the watch. You can pick it up on DVD and it doesn't cost much. This will be the sort of movie that when you have people over and they are in a goofy mood this is the film to pull out and watch.