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"Preparing Your Teens for College," by Alex Chediak

"..., Alex will give you everything you need to help your teens successfully navigate the college years and beyond..."


Professor Alex Chediak, author of the bestselling guide for college bound teens, Thriving at College penned Preparing Your Teens for College to answer his most frequently asked parental question. "How can parents get their teens ready for college?" It's a question on many parent's minds with high school graduations in June.

"Preparing Your Teens for College: Faith, Friends, Finance and Much More," by Alex Chediak
Tyndale House Publishers—2014
"...covers all the hot-button issues: studying, grades, time management, choosing a major, friendships, dating, what to look for in a college..."
Tyndale House Publishers—2014

With the escalating costs of college tuition, books and the "sluggish state of the global economy" it's an important question to consider with any form of "post-high school training." Since our nation has moved toward a "skill and knowledge based economy...a college degree gives your child the greatest shot at getting and keeping a good job," writes Chediak.

However, college is far more than advanced courses, studying and preparing for tests. For many students of higher education this will be their first time living responsibly outside the family without a parent to oversee their activities, friends and dating choices.

This is where "training matters," writes Chediak. Teens and "twenty-something's" character, habits, attitudes and world views will be challenged as they transition into the freedom of young adults from increasingly secularized universities, atheistic professors and campus party scenes.

The professor uses statistics, facts and engaging stories to guide parents into significant conversations with their teens on topics such as "character, faith, relationships, finances, academics and making the college decision."

Serious conversations are important in these final years of parental authority when teens need their "parents wisdom, maturity and life experience" more than ever. Chapters include summaries and helpful conversation starters that encourage parent-teen discussions.

He also uses Scripture and Bible stories to discuss the important role of the Gospel in relation to a teens spiritual condition that is practical and relevant to people and situations college students deal with.

His balanced perspective comes from working with college students for eight years at California Baptist University as professor of engineering and physics. In addition to years of academic pursuit for his own higher education.

If you're a parent concerned over whether your soon-to-be-adult child's Christian faith is strong enough to overcome peer pressure challenges, strong enough to question issues of Christian faith, strong enough to withstand temptations that lead to moral compromise, Chediak's book from a Christian perspective is a must read.

"Preparing Your Teens for College: Faith, Friends, Finance and Much More," by Alex Chediak, Tyndale House Publishers, 2014, 448 Pages, 978-1414383125, $15.99

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