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Prepare to take the journey to the 100 Man Fight

Journey to the 100 Man Fight: The Judd Reid Story


Some of the most powerful journey’s in life come in the form of the journey to push yourself beyond your limits. Those training in martial arts do that every day, but nowadays it is rarely like that of days long past. So when someone steps up to do something that is not only amazing, but is a part of a long tradition that most never see it is that much more incredible. The latest film Journey to the 100 Man Fight: The Judd Reid story does just that, but is it able to bring the true nature of this goal to life or will it tap out early on?

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100 Man Fight

100 Man Fight follows WKO world heavyweight champion Judd Reid who sets out on a journey to attempt the 100 man kumite. This film takes viewers on the journey of his life-long dedication to the martial arts as well as his training to take on this impossible task that is considered by martial arts elders as the ultimate challenge of the spirit. While this film only runs about an hour long it delivers a powerful journey unlike most have had a chance to witness. There are multiple layers of this film and all culminates with the 100 man kumite. On one level you have the obvious which is the insane training and preparation Reid goes through that is not only a powerful journey for him, but an inspiration to both martial artists and non-martial artists in pushing yourself to the limits to attain your goals. On the other side it serves as a documentary of the life of this amazing man and what lead him to take on this incredible task. The film is filled with various interviews from friends, trainers, and instructors to help bring the most complete story of this remarkable martial artist to life.

Whether you are a martial artist or not, this film is a must see film for everyone that is truly inspirational, showcasing the true power of the human spirit. If you’ve ever wondered what a true martial artist looks like then look no further to Judd Reid’s story as he embodies it like few others and will surely continue to push himself and others for years to come as this is most likely only the beginning.

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