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Prepare magazine

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Prepare magazine


What's different about Prepare magazine? What sets it apart from the other magazines out there that cater to the "prepping" community?

Prepare magazine is a warm, informative collection of skills, gear, how-tos, explanations and is jam-packed with gorgeous pictures and an easy layout style.

There is the support of peaceful, panic-free prepping for everyone (not only people who live on 100 acres at a bug-out location), helpful strategies for a wide, diverse readership. From apartment-dwellers to farmers, from suburbanites to homesteaders, Prepare magazine has content that reaches people who need and want it.

You can listen to the radio interview with Joseph Miller at this link.

To get a FREE one-year digital subscription, sign up here. Check out their additional subscriptions available and the print version perfect for taking on the road, or sharing with friends and family.

From Prepare magazine:

"PREPARE Magazine released our first digital issue in April 2012 as a visible expression of our heart-felt desire to serve others in Preparation training and encouragement. The purpose and mission of PREPARE Magazine is to provide expert and purpose-filled training in preparation (preparedness), self-sufficient living, and survival skills for difficult times that may be approaching."

Whether you are starting out, a seasoned-veteran or just asking questions, Prepare magazine is a great tool.

Prepare magazine
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