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Prepare for nostalgic fun with ‘JLA Adventures Trapped in Time’

JLA Adventures Trapped in Time


For the last few years DC has been churning out some awesome animated features geared towards the older fan base. Most of these got a big promotional push and feature a story based off a popular story arc, but recently they slipped one under the radar that most may not have known about called JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time that was exclusive to Target. Could this latest animated film live up to their normal standards or is there a reason that it was released so secretly?

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JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time follows the Justice League as they face off against the Legion of Doom, but when a mysterious being known as the Time Trapper arises, Lex Luthor sends the Legion of Doom back in time to eliminate Superman before he becomes a hero and inspire others to do the same. Now two aspiring JLA members from the future, Karate Kid and Dawnstar must travel back in time to try and set things right and save both the Justice League and the future. This is obviously a film geared towards younger audiences, but thanks to the direction they go it is sure to entertain the older audiences as well. The story is pretty average and actually uses this chance to focus on Karate Kid and Dawnstar as opposed to the whole Justice League. Make no mistake they do show up numerous times and play an important part to the film, but this film is a great chance to showcase some different characters. In addition there are numerous homages to the original Super Friends series including their uniforms much like Apache Chief and Samurai as well as a few other surprises. The animation works great giving an updated look to the designs while still maintain the younger audience appeal. The story is simple and nothing that has been seen in some fashion before but still entertains.

This may not be up there with the great animated features that they have been releasing as of late, but it is nostalgic and fun. It’s a bummer that this film didn’t get more promotion as it will no doubt be a hit with all ages. DC continues to dominate the animated film market with both their more mature releases and now a more family friendly addition that will hopefully continue on with more adventure.