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Prepare for adventure with Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology


Prepare for an adventure like never before when Indiana Jones invades the Fort Worth Museum of Science when National Geographic presents Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology. This special exhibit serves as the backdrop into the real world of archaeology featuring items from four different collections making it more than just a display of movie props but takes you on a journey to learn how archaeology has changed from the mid-20th century from when Indy’s adventures too place until now.

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Bobby Blakey
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The special preview event for the press was more than just your average press day, but turned into an adventure before the exhibit ever opened. As the press filed into the lobby of the beautiful Fort Worth Museum of Science you could feel the excitement building to get to see this exhibit, but the press were in for a treat first. As the various people behind putting this amazing exhibit together stepped up to the podium to speak press looked on filming and recording just like any other event with none of them ready for what happened next. As the final speaker took the podium he mentioned that Doctor Jones had delivered one last item for the exhibit, but before he could even finish his statement a large thug burst in to steal this mystery treasure. Thankfully Jones wasn’t too far behind as he burst onto the scene to protect his latest archaeology finding. As per usual it wasn’t long before Jones was locked in hand to hand combat with the assailant using everything from their fists, to swords, and of course the fight couldn’t be complete without the iconic whip cleaving its mark. As this feast of fun came to a close with our favorite archaeologist the victor the exhibit was opened for the real adventure to begin.

As you prepare to enter the exhibit fans are greeted by a huge banner reminding you that you are stepping into something bigger than just your imagination. Before stepping into the exhibit itself you are given a small device consisting of a touch screen pad and head phones that will enhance your experience through site and sound, taking you inside the adventure and features an audio introduction worthy of wearing the fedora. This is an exhibit to been seem to truly give it the full credit it deserves. As no surprise everything is sectioned off by each film displaying props from all the films including the most famous pieces from each film including the Ark of the Covenant, various productions pieces of art and models, and costumes. Whether you are a hardcore fan or not there is something magical about standing next to the iconic out of Jones himself complete with hat and whip that makes everything in this exhibit feel all the better and at the same time feel small by comparison. The layout is pretty easy to navigate with something new and exciting around every corner. Despite your feelings about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull seeing some of the pieces are still awesome, one particularly large one is just really cool. While the exhibit itself is way cool and could stand on its own, they have taken it to a whole new level including various side displays within the exhibit featuring actual artifacts and the stories behind them that makes it that much cooler. Throughout the exhibit there is a fun little game that can be played with your portable device they provide to collect virtual artifacts as well as use it to watch film clips and behind the scenes videos that just adds to the overall adventure.

Fans of the film series will not want to miss out on this unique exhibit so join the adventure when Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology: The Exhibition comes to the Fort Worth Museum of Science from March 8th through August 10th and just too wet your appetite are a few pics of what you will see, but rest assured this is just a drop in the snake pit.

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