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Prepare for 3 wartime stories of the undead with ‘Angry Nazi Zombies’

Angry Nazi Zombies


The zombie genre is currently cemented in the horror world thanks to the popularity of The Walking Dead and shows no signs of slowing down. Now it has become more about the creative direction the filmmakers take to bring these films to life. The latest, Angry Nazi Zombies brings the currently popular anthology concept to the zombie genre, but does it pack the undead punch it needs to make it worth rising from the dead or should it have stayed buried?

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Angry Dead Zombies follows three interlocking stories from the dark days of World War 2. The first story, Medal of Horror takes you on a suicide mission, with a young British soldier doing all he can to defeat the Nazi menace and their First World War zombified soldiers. The second Devils of the Blitz follows a family, sheltering from Nazi bombers, who is terrorized by flesh eating devils. The final chapter in the film, Harriet's War brings you a spooky slice of paranormal pulp in this nerve-jangling ghost story, all against the backdrop of World War 2. While this is clearly a lower budget film it is actually crafted pretty well. Not all of the stories work great, but each manages to bring it’s own unique tale to life effectively. The performances were decent for the most part, but not all work for what they are always trying to convey. Some of the stories work better than others as with most films like this. There are both serious and comical elements here that kind of confuse the overall point trying to figure out which direction they really want to go. Sure with an athology film like this it is usually cool to deliver a wide variety of story lines, but with an overall theme it just sometimes felt out of place. The majority of the zombie make-up effects work great and the inclusion of a practical effects demon of sorts is both hilarious and awesome giving this film an old school feel as well.

The zombie genre is one that has been flooding the film market and doesn’t always work, but while this film does have its issues, it manages to still be pretty fun overall. It’s rare that you can say Nazi’s make everything better, but when it comes to horror and zombies they have proven to be successful. If you are a fan of these sorts of films give this one a try as with multiple stories you are likely to find at least one you enjoy if not more.

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