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Premium virgin hair extensions now in the midlands

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Companies who do big business can make the American dream of building your own empire seem intangible. However it is always refreshing to see average people take their passions and transform them into profit by starting a small business.

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Two Columbia natives did just that. They banded together and transformed their passion for hair extensions into a great small business idea they call Bella’s Hair and Glam Bar (BHGB), which is an online boutique. With this boutique, these two entrepreneurs are able to service customers around the world as they enhance their beauty in one of the most predominant ways.

Amazingly, hair extensions have become very lucrative. As the market becomes more saturated it has become even harder to find a company that offers top quality, premium hair extensions that are affordable. Bella’s Hair and Glam Bar guarantees that their extensions are 100% virgin hair, which means the extensions have never been chemically processed.

One of the owners states, “I have experienced my fair share of poor quality extensions and I have learned the hard and the expensive way how to determine quality.”

As the interview continues, the owner explains that remy hair does not mean quality and normally does not mean the hair is unprocessed. The best hair to purchase is described as virgin hair extensions. And the quality is determined by how many letter A’s it is given.

For example 3A hair would be poor quality, whereas 6A hair would be high quality. The owners also excitedly explained that their hair extensions are available in grades 5A and 6A and have a life expectancy of over 2 years.

While meeting with the owners of Bella’s Hair and Glam Bar, the ladies demonstrated the difference between their premium virgin hair extensions and hair that can be purchased at your local beauty supply store. The hair purchased from the beauty supply store was instantly identifiable by its wig-like sheen and unpleasant odor.

Another surprise was the hair from BHGB and the hair from the local beauty supply store were the same price, give or take a few dollars. The quality, however, spoke volumes. The hair purchased from the local beauty supply store is only good for one installation, and that can be worn for about a month. Whereas, the BHGB online boutique offers hair for about the same price that can be worn continuously.

Another noticeable difference was the amount of shedding that was occurring with the beauty supply store hair. The women of Bella’s Hair and Glam Bar then demonstrated a shedding test with their quality extensions, which explains why they advertise their hair as minimal to no shedding. The best feature of the hair from Bella’s Hair and Glam Bar is that it can be removed and reinstalled continuously for over 2 years with proper care.

After aggressive research, tests, and field studies to guarantee the quality of their product, the owners of Bella’s Hair and Glam Bar are excited to bring such top quality hair extensions to the ladies of their beloved city and the surrounding areas. Ladies in and around the greater Columbia area, the wait is over.

Wanting to achieve the glamorous looks of your favorite celebrities like Beyonce, Nikki Minaj, Solange, or Becca Tobin has become an easy feat with this company. You can now welcome the best hair extensions in the midlands, and if you are local they can deliver your order personally. Go to their website. Socialize with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow them on Pinterest. Whatever you do, do not miss out!