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'Predator' is great entertainment



When it comes to pure male escapist movies, the action genre reigns supreme. However, in order to showcase his abilities, an action hero needs a truly horrific enemy. In the late 1980s, when world politics were more docile than now, film makers had to be creative in the construction of viable opponents. John McTiernan, in his 1987 film “Predator,” opted to make an alien the opponent of choice. Recently, it was announced that Shane Black is attached to make a new film in the “Predator” franchise. Black had a supporting role in the original “Predator.”

The original film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch, the no-nonsense leader of a group of highly-skilled commandos. The imposing military leader is ordered to go with his men into the South American jungle to help any survivors of a helicopter that was shot down. Joining them is Dillon (played by Carl Weathers), Dutch’s old friend. In the jungle, they face a rebel guerrilla group and learn that the politicians have misrepresented their mission. At the rebel base, they find a survivor, Anna (played by Elpidia Carrillo), a scared local woman who they rescue. Before long, they realize that the real enemy is a fearsome alien whose abilities include the capacity to mount an attack while remaining invisible.

McTiernan does a good job mixing the action genre with the horror genre. The creature is quite scary as he has unique ways of killing. Also, when he is revealed, he is tall and has a profoundly disturbing presence. There are some great action scenes in the movie. An example is early in the film when the characters get into a big battle with the rebel guerrilla group.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is, of course, a great action hero. He becomes a formidable enemy for the predator. Jesse Ventura is also good as one of the commandos. Like Schwarzenegger, he is very tough and formidable.

“Predator” is a great choice for fans of action movies and horror movies.