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Pre-Fall 2014 Acne Studios Layering Warmth with a Childlike Touch

Acne Studios Pre-Fall 2014
Acne Studios Pre-Fall

Acne Studios


January 7, 2014 New York

For pre-fall Acne Studios', Jonny Johansson explained that this collection was inspired by his time spent in fall and winter in his beach house outside Stockholm. This makes one wonder what exactly an artist does in the winter on the beach, especially a fashion designer. An inner child will surely come out to play and dress up with originality given enough space and fresh air mixed with the cold waves crashing onto the shore. And so, Yeti met Audrey Hepburn and they started to play and Johansson designed. With slippery shiny satins layered on pleated and perfectly layered wool bottoms, true waisted beautifully seamed dresses, tops, and bottoms [as Acne is known to do], and those to live for Acne motorcycle jackets with their always feminine and uniquest twists, every piece was a staple, wear-able, and to yearn for. As "sellable" as pre-fall always seems to be, Johansson played up his vision with leather childish tree or flower-like detail in embroidery, over the oversizing, Yeti or stuffed animal paw style over the elbow mittens, scrunchy ankle leggings layered under skirts, and a peplum leather jacket which is sure to be getting knocked off by H&M as we speak. Footed either with sandal pumps donning those flower-like cut outs, 90's pointy toe zip knee high boots, or Yeti slippers, and you become the creation. What a look you have here that, while being comfortable and tailored to perfection, will stop a fellow fashionista in her tracks to inquire Where To Buy?! If you've ever been blessed to try on or own an Acne jacket, you know that this is where their perfection for Women's RTW rests and continues to perform unequivocally dominating the skills of almost any other designer on this top. Simply put; they are the absolute best of the best. The gray Persian lamb motorcycle jacket is the item of the season, while the world's possibly largest front drape vest/scarf [paired with wool culottes] is perhaps the shocking look. This is the item that editor's will be requesting and then keeping after they shoot it. Acne does it again, take your breath away like one of The Cure's songs off the album Staring At The Sea. In a word: it's Lovecats.