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Pravana Vivid Violet Hair Dye

Pravana Vivid Hair Dye


First and fore most I want to put a disclaimer here. Pravana is a profession air color and is permanent. If you decide to buy this and try it yourself it is at your own risk.

Anyways, I decided to try Pravana after seeing someone’s beautiful purple hair and begging them to tell me how they did it. I had dyed my hair from blue to purple and uses Manic Panic but it ultimately failed.

I bought my Pravana online for about $10 a bottle and it came really fast, so I was extremely happy. For my entire head I used only one bottle, even though I bought three and I could have done some touch ups after but decided against it.

The dye smelled really good and was easy to apply but let me warn you, this stuff dues your skin, clothes, floors, and counters like no tomorrow. Currently there is a section of my bath tub that is purple from this. My color turned out fantastic, I am literally in love with my hair. I went for a purple ombre, so my hair is super dark purple on top and fades into a nice purple on the bottom.

I have received so many compliments on it that I am thrilled with everything, even though I have a hot purple mess of a bathroom to clean. I went to Disneyland recently and was being stopped non-stop by people asking about my hair.

When you use this produce you really need to use gloves, even when washing it out. Sadly it does bleed threw the first couple of washes so don’t use a good pillow case or wear white because that won’t work out well.

All in all I am very happy, I've done three or four washes and my hair still looks great and the bleeding finally sopped. Like I said earlier, try this at your own risk. I am not a professional hair dresser and I knew the risks going into this. I read a lot of reviews and took a lot of precaution before actually dying my hair. I am eager to see how long the color last before I need to freshen up but so far so good. I read a review where someones has lasted 8 months and if that is the case then Pravana is the God of hair dye for me, I will let you know.