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Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station by Accell

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Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station by Accell


An online search of surge protectors reveals several of the same standard rectangular blocks of varying widths and lengths. While these ubiquitous but indispensable gadgets have been around for ages, the design has pretty much remained the same with very few exceptions. One particularly inventive exception to bulky power strips is Accell’s Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station.

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With features including six “adapter friendly” power outlets, dual USB charging ports and a unique pyramid shape, the Powramid is a welcome alternative to similarly priced or pricier quadrilaterals devices. More importantly, the Powramid is not just unique in its radial design – it also comes with what's known as “Power Stop” technology, allowing the device to automatically stop conducting power once its absorption has reach full capacity. Most typical surge protectors do not provide this additional safety feature and continue to supply power even after no longer providing surge protection, which can potentially damage sensitive devices such as smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.

The Powramid Power Center also comes with a six foot grounded power cord, a 1080 Joules rating and cutting-edge X3 MOV technology, encapsulated with a fireproof material design to prevent fire hazards during an extreme surge event. Coupled with dual USB charging ports, illuminated on/off switch and ability to be be placed on the desktop or conference table, it really does seem to be the ideal power solution for the home or office. What’s more, the circular design takes up less floor space than rectangular surge protectors and simply looks far more organized.

In conclusion, the Powramid Power Center and USB Charging Station is an undeniable winner. In the less than glamorous world of surge protectors, its design brings a contemporary look to a device whose significance often tends to be overlooked. Moreover, its Power Stop and X3 MOV offers excellent fire and safety protection for sensitive devices.

Final analysis – a top rating of five stars

The Powramid comes in two models, with the other without USB ports and both available in two colors – black or white. More information about the Powramid and other home theater, computer, mobile and power products from Accell can be found through their official website.