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Powerful power for your devices from LePOW

Lepow ADD Customized Power Bank


Smart Phone and small tablet users are always looking for a better way to extend battery power without carrying around a briefcase sized battery pack. That being said, you want to take a look at the ADD Powerbank from Lepow, a power bank that offers two 4500 mAh battery packs that can be attached together for easy use.

Out of the box, it is chargeable via any standard USB port. Then you have different options in charging your devices. It comes with a mini USB cable that plugs into most phones and smaller tablets. It also incorporates a standard USB port on board so you can charge any device that uses the same on your computer. That is a great amount of power for roadwarriors, overnight campers and beach goers.

In testing, the iPod 5th generation seemed to get five extra charges, the iPhone 4 got about 3 ½ and a Samsung Galaxy Teb 3 7” got about 2. Extra charges means a FULL charge

Lepow’s ADD Powerbank is extremely well described as a “customizable power bank”. The ADD Powerbank offers a ton of power in a sleek and stylish design. The accessory comes with two 4500 mAh batteries that twist together and lock. When locked, they offer up a total of 9000 mAh of power.

You can see and purchase the entire line at or Learn more at Lepows’ Website.