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Power Up! Outdoor Edition, edited by Dave Branon

Discovery House Publishers
Discovery House Publishers
Edited by Dave Branon

faith combines with sports, such as hunting and fishing, to deliver spiritual truth and biblical principles in language men...


Power Up@ Seattle’s own

Power Up! Outdoor: devotional thoughts for Sportsmen, edited by Dave Branon, Hardcover, Barbour Publishing, 2009, 224 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1572933194, $11.99

If you’re looking for a men’s book with spiritual significance, look no further! This devotional for men is especially suited for the sportsman in your life, whether father, friend, husband or son. Within these pages faith combines with sports, such as hunting and fishing, to deliver spiritual truth and biblical principles in language men understand.

Entries include scripture, a brief article, Fast Facts, (interesting sports trivia), and life application questions titled, Follow Through. The fishing and hunting stories enhance the “life-changing” Bible truths necessary for spiritual growth and drawing closer to Jesus Christ.

One hundred hunting and fishing tips from categories like hunting, fishing, safety and more are also included. Such as, “never store a gun in a hard case with foam padding overnight unless you first place it in a silicone sleeve…” (pg. 63)

Or “Hunt in rubber boots. Leather boots retain smells that animals pick up on…” (pg. 83)

Two-page spreads, written by well-known professional writers and sportsmen, encourage readers to consider the role God plays in nature and in their personal lives. All I can say is —excellent!

Back Cover:

There’s something about being in the great outdoors—whether standing beside a lake with a line in the water or sitting in a tree stand waiting for movement in the brush below—that makes you think about things that are bigger than yourself.

But what are some of those “big things” you think about when you are out in nature? Do you sometimes think of God and His role in your life?

That’s exactly what Power Up: Outdoor Edition was designed to help you do. In 100 devotional written by professional outdoorsmen Tracy Breen and Charles Alsheimer and by professional writers who love the challenge of forests, lakes and streams, your thoughts will be directed to the One who created it all. You’ll read stories about hunting and fishing exploits that illustrate truths that are found in the Bible—and those stories will help explain the inspiring wisdom the Bible offers each of us.

But that’s not all. As a bonus, you’ll find the “Top 100 Hunting and Fishing Tips,” written by some guys who have spent hundreds of hours tracking elk or coaxing salmon to bite or marveling at the beauty of white-tailed deer.

So throw another log in the wood stove, brew up a mug of coffee, and spend some time with Power Up! Outdoor Edition. It’ll not only make you a better person, but it might also make you a better outdoorsmen.

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