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Power Rangers: Megaforce The Great Dragon Spirit comes to DVD

Power Rangers Megaforce: The Great Dragon Spirit


In 1993 The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers took the world by storm when it debuted on FOX kids. The show was an Americanized version of the original Japanese Super Sentai series, using footage from the original series spliced together with the acting of the American cast to create something like kids had never seen. 20 years later the series is still as strong as ever and kicked off its twentieth season Power Rangers: Megaforce in February 2013 and now Lionsgate has brought an all-new collection of episodes home with Power Rangers Megaforce: The Great Dragon Spirit on DVD.

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The series followed a group of teenagers with super-powers left to protect the world from various monsters and villains using their martial arts abilities and mighty Zord robots. In this latest chapter in the series the earth has been protected by a supernatural guardian named Gosei and his robotic aide, Tensou. When the evil Warstar aliens plan a massive invasion of Earth, Gosei calls upon five teenagers with talent and attitude to form the ultimate team...the Power Rangers Megaforce. This latest series maintains everything that has made the show popular from day one, but with the luxury of seemingly better effects and overall quality. The show knows it’s a cash cow in products outside the series as well and has worked in the Pokeman style card game into the actual abilities of the rangers themselves. It’s a bit silly at first, but actually kind of makes things make more sense on some strange level. There is always this ignored aspect of where all their weapons come from, but here they have these guards to explain it and while silly it works. They have always maintained the footage of the Japanese version that has clearly been spending more money on their effects and Zord battles that both look way cooler, but are still silly and fun. This collection not only features their latest ally, but also their new Ultra Powers that will take the Rangers to an all-new level.

If you have never watched the show or looking for a chance to get back into the series then now’s your chance. This series is the one to watch as there are some special things being developed for the 20th anniversary, so be sure to not miss out and grab your copy of Power Rangers Megaforce: The Great Dragon Spirit on DVD when it hits stores on April 8th.

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