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Review: Power Crunch Protein Energy bars - A nutrition bar you'll crave

Power Crunch bars are low in sugar and are packed with high quality whey protein
Power Crunch bars are low in sugar and are packed with high quality whey protein

Power Crunch Protein Energy bars


For athletes and gym-goers, the search for a protein and energy bar that tastes good has always been filled with caveats.

It tastes pretty good... for a protein bar.

Other than the chalkiness, you can't tell that it's an energy bar.

It's pretty dry, but it has tons of protein, so I think it's worth it.

Somehow, going back to the days when we were told "Just eat it; it's good for you," we've come to think this is an acceptable standard when it comes to nutrition bars.

With 13 grams of hydrolyzed whey protein and only five grams of sugar per bar, Power Crunch Protein Energy bars are some of the best tasting nutrition bars available today. With a crispy texture reminiscent of the colorful, cream-filled, nutrition-free, sugar wafers we grew up eating, Power Crunch bars change that delicious memory in the best way and make it okay to love the taste of your nutrition bar.

Here are a few reasons why Power Crunch bars stand out from other nutrition bars:

Low sugar content

With only five grams of sugar per bar, Power Crunch bars limits the item that nearly every nutritionist and health expert has begged us to avoid at all costs - sugar.

Why? Because sugar is killing us.

Here's how Power Crunch bars compare to other popular "nutrition bars" in sugar content:

For a point of comparison, a Snickers bar has 27g of sugar.

Many nutrition bars pack nearly as much sugar into a bar as you'll find in a can of Coke - effectively making them candy bars with protein. Power Crunch bars have less sugar than most energy bars on the market - best of all, you won't even notice (or miss it for a second).


The reviews don't lie. Do a search for Power Crunch bars anywhere online and you'll find that people everywhere rave about the bars' taste and texture. Even without being loaded with sugar like its competitors, these could be the best tasting nutrition bars available.

With flavors like Wild Berry Créme, Triple Chocolate, Sweet Vanilla Dream crisp, and Chocolate Mint, each Power Crunch bar actually tastes different and you'll be hard pressed to find a flavor you don't like (unless you just don't like chocolate, mint, or a certain fruit flavor).

Unlike other bars that are overloaded with sugar and all taste like some variation of "chocolate brownie mixed with chalk", Power Crunch bars provide plenty of variety and multiple flavors that you'll actually like.


Like many popular protein powders and supplements, Power Crunch bars use hydrolyzed whey protein for its 13 grams of protein. Power Crunch takes pride in the science behind its protein, much like brands like Progenex and Stronger Faster Healthier, touting "more rapid absorption and delivery of protein throughout the body."

Though Power Crunch bars aren't packed with 20+ grams of protein like some nutrition bars, they still provide plenty of energy and keep you feeling satisfied with 12 grams of total fat and five grams of saturated fat (the latter of which is good for you, remember!) - of course, there are zero trans fats in each bar.

While these bars might not be your first choice for a strength or bulk up cycle, the 200-calorie bars are a great choice for a regular pre- or post-workout snack.

More about Power Crunch

With their low sugar content, high quality protein, variety of flavors, and unmatched taste, Power Crunch Protein Energy bars are some of the best nutrition bars available today.

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