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Power Crunch bars for endurance athletes

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Power Crunch Protein Energy bars


Athletes of all skill levels need good nutritional practices & habits, from meals to meal times and snacks in between. Endurance Athletes are the most susceptible to the effects of poor nutritional practices, but also have the most to gain from good nutritional habits. Whether training or in competition, the needs of the on-the-go Endurance Athlete are specific, and portability is essential. Enter the Power Crunch variety of snack bars.

Most of us have tried the nearly endless variety of snack bars, looking for that seemingly elusive combination of flavor, texture, calorie-count, and package weight; and depending on our individual preferences, we keep searching. The Power Crunch line offers 13 flavors to choose from, for starters, and the calorie count ranges from 110 to 220, which is an impressive caloric variety tailorable to the intensity of your workout or race.

The flavor & texture relationship of all Power Crunch snack bars can best be described as natural, as in chocolate tastes how you expect chocolate to taste, vanilla tastes like vanilla, peanut butter like peanut butter, etc. & all. This sounds like a simple concept, but if you’ve tried many of the other brands of snack bars available for athletes, you understand that Power Crunch has made a big, powerful step in delivering an intra-workout/intra-race snack based on our needs and wants.

Curiously, all of the Power Crunch snack bars are incredibly light weight. This may not seem like a big deal when working out at or close to home, but when you need fuel on a long run, ride, or race, and you’re responsible for carrying your own sustenance, the weight of every item you carry is a big deal, and worthy of scrutinous consideration.

Even if you haven’t built up the stamina of an Endurance Athlete, Power Crunch is still a good option for regular length workouts ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, hikes with friends or family, and good quality level snacks for your rest & recuperation days.

If you’re curious about all the benefits Power Crunch snack bars have to offer, now might be the time to try them for yourself. You can order them online from the Power Crunch website, or you can find a retailer near you that carries the line of Power Crunch bars. Stay fed, stay fit!