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Potatopia: More than just a food trend

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As part of the American diet, the potato has been dressed up to lend support to everything from burgers to chicken fingers to fish filets. It has been sliced, sautéed, fried and baked to complement just about anything. But what if potatoes were to take the leading role in a meal—would diners be satisfied? At Potatopia, the answer comes in several filling varieties that prove the potato is no longer a sideshow.

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Located in Greenwich Village, Potatopia is out to prove that potatoes are the stars of the meal. What began as a food court outpost at the Menlo Park Mall in Edison, New Jersey, Potatopia has proven to be more than just the latest food trend. Founder Allen Dikker sought ways to share his popular signature sauces, and realized that potatoes could be dressed up to showcase them. Add on an assortment of vegetables and different proteins and you have got yourself one satisfying meal at a reasonable price.

Designed by Riscala Agnese Design Group (RAD), Potatopia’s décor is aesthetic with an industrial undertone. Although the dining space is small, it’s maximized using communal high table seating. Dining at Potatopia is not your average fast food experience. From the moment you walk through the door, you get personal attention from the initial staff greetings, to the recommendations (it all comes down to your level of hunger), to the occasional check in on how you are enjoying your meal.

Health conscious New Yorkers will appreciate Potatopia’s use of locally produced ingredients as well as premium proteins that are all-natural, free of hormones, antibiotics and MSG. Sourced from Pat LaFrieda the proteins include grass-fed steak, free-range chicken, shrimp, wood-smoked bacon and a sausage blend all prepared using a convection oven cooking method. Additionally, Potatopia uses only fat-free, high-oleic soybean oil that eliminates saturated and trans fats.

Potatopia offers a customizable menu featuring nine different potato styles including smashed potato ($6.75), au gratin ($6.95), baked potato ($5.75), sweet potato crinkle ($6.85) and potato chip (6.25). Add on your choice of veggie toppings (eg, mushrooms, onions, corn), and up to two types of cheese (eg, Parmesan, asiago and pepper jack). For a little extra, throw on some protein, including chicken ($2.25) and sausage ($2.75), to cover all of the food groups. Top it all off with one of Potatopia’s 14 different house made sauces, including chipotle ketchup, grainy mustard, chili pepper aioli, melted cheddar, truffle aioli and roasted pepper aioli.

For diners overwhelmed by the options, consider one of Potatopia’s signature dishes. Consider the Smashed Hit ($6.75) featuring well seasoned smashed potatoes with an assortment of cheddar and asiago cheeses, scallions, red onions, garlic and cilantro all topped with roasted pepper aioli.

If you like cheese fries, consider the Curly Sue ($6.50)—zesty curly fries mixed with pepperjack and Parmesan cheeses, jalapeños and scallions all topped with chipotle ketchup and garlic aioli. It gets a little messy, so don’t be afraid to use a fork.

Potatopia also offers a few dishes unique to its location. The Lower East Sider ($6.75) brings together shoestring potatoes with slices of lox all topped with scallions and cilantro and a drizzle of sour cream. Surprisingly, this combination works well and is a nice alternative for diners looking beyond the bagel sandwich.

In New York trends come and go, but if the crowds are any indication, Potatopia is one trend that just might stick.

378 Sixth Avenue at Waverly Place
New York, New York