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Possibly the best dress shirt out there: ARCHIVE

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ARCHIVE by Ministry of Supply


In the introductory article for the ARCHIVE shirt, the words “reinventing” and “elevating” were applied to what Ministry of Supply (MOS) is doing for the rather humdrum world of the dress shirt. Though it doesn’t look like it at first, the ARCHIVE is indeed considerably different from pretty much every shirt in your closet. The differences, though subtle, are really quite significant.

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The OMNIstretch fabric looks like a really crisp cotton broadcloth, but that couldn’t be farther from actuality. Instead, it is a remarkably luxurious blend of polyester (98%) and elastane (2%) that drapes beautifully, is seriously wrinkle-resistant, and provides just enough stretch to keep things civilized during a big overhead stretch or while reaching deep behind your desk to finally retrieve that favorite pen lost since last May. MOS, however, didn’t stop there.

When I discovered the six tiny holes under each arm, which I later learned are laser drilled (!), I thought that they really couldn’t achieve much in the way of venting, but as it turns out, they really do provide significant ventilation in a place that really needs it. Best of all, these holes, which are strategically placed toward the dorsal side of the shirt, are utterly invisible to everyone. In fact, I’d imagine most people who own an ARCHIVE shirt wouldn’t notice these holes if they weren’t listed prominently as one of the shirts many features.

The brushed interior of the ARCHIVE, known as AEONfinish, is another one of those features that no one but the owner of the shirt would know about. Inasmuch as the exterior of the shirt is all business, the inside is all cozy and soft like the lightest fleece to ever grace your flesh. The ARCHIVE is chock full of nice little surprises like this.
Lastly, I get the impression that, in addition to the ARCHIVE being a seriously low-maintenance shirt, it is also built to last. Unlike most dress shirts that utilize single needle tailoring, which makes perfect sense for use on light materials, the ARCHIVE features EVERFUSE technology that bonds two or more layers of material together which adds structure in places where structure is needed like in the cuffs and collar. This is a seriously nice touch and quite a departure from the comparatively flimsy collars and cuffs of the average dress shirt.

For more information, or to make a purchase of some Ministry of Supply clothing, click here.


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