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'Portrait Photography - Secrets of Posing & Lighting' Book Review

Portrait Lighting
Photography by Trisha Comardo

Portrait Photography - Secrets of Posing & Lighting


Photographers world wide, not just in Milwaukee, always have a need to keep one step ahead of the continuously growing volume of competition. Digital photography and all of it's aspects changes on a regular basis as does any other modern technology. New cameras, new lenses, software and tools of every kind are introduced daily, weekly and monthly.

As a photographer trying to go from a hobbyist to a semi-pro or pro, from basically wildlife and landscape/nature photography to portrait and wedding portraits, we are always trying to improve ourselves. There are many resources on line, camera clubs, camera shops, books and software that can be used to expand our horizons.

Being a book lover, I prefer to have something I can go back to time and time again. Pictures are always more helpful than just words and needless to say much more helpful when dealing with photography itself. Go figure.

I recently discovered this book 'Portrait Photography - Secrets of Posing and Lighting' by Mark Cleghorn. A professional photographer for over 20 years, Mark speciales in creative wedding and portrait photography. His book gives wonderful tips and hints on capturing distinctive, natural portraits of all kinds.

'Portrait Photography - Secrets of Posing and Lighting' provides great tips for beginning photographers on selections of cameras, flash units and lighting. It provides a clear discussion of the different flash units, diffusers and reflectors that can be used in many different studio and on location environments.

Mark gives a clear, simple understanding posing tips for people from young to old, singles, couples and family groups. He goes into positioning of heads and faces, chins and eyes, arms and feet as well as body positions in standing, sitting and floor posings. Mark brings in wonderful, thoughtful techniques for photographing those with disabilities as well as normal, everyday situations such as those with larger physiques as well as height differences. It is a great book to find trouble shooting for bald heads and glass glares.

Lighting discussions include some simple studio lighting setups to utilizing natural light on location. Mark discusses high key and low key lighting as well as the differences between backlighting, hair lighting, narrow lighting and other useful tools for flash units, soft boxes and other lighting equipment.

'Portrait Photography - Secrets of Posing & Lighting' by Mark Cleghorn is a book that is definitely a must have for photographers in the beginnings of their portraiture experiences that will provide wonderful tips and trouble shooting for many different situations with results of many different effects and moods.

This review is related to the Lark Photography Book published in April of 2004. Preorder on for the new version coming out in June of 2012.

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