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Pops Q Tool: substance before style

Six tools in one multi-purpose grilling tool.
Six tools in one multi-purpose grilling tool.
Courtesy Pops Q Tool

Pops Q Tool


I don’t believe in “multi-tools.” It is my belief that a tool designed to do one function is better, more times than not, than a multi-tool. Other than my Leatherman Multi-tool I have rarely been happy with a tool pops-q-tool-2that claims to do everything. And why would I want a tool that claims to do 6 grilling functions when I could have six different tools. Remember the grillmaster with the most tools wins.

When I got the offer of trying out the Pops Q Tool, and its claim of accomplishing 6 different outdoor cooking functions I was skeptical, very skeptical.

There are so many lousy grilling multi-tools on the market that I just couldn’t believe there actually could be one that works. The only reason I accepted the offer was because of the story behind the Pops Q Tool.

I thought the story rocked and I figured if the tool was “dad approved” I should give it a try. And I’m glad I did. This is one grilling multi-tool that is worth the money. It actually works. I’m surprised I’m writing this review.

I wasn’t all that impressed when I opened the box and saw what appeared as a simple, basic tool with no style. After using the Pops Q Tool I realized what was wrong with all the other grilling multi-tools I had tried. All the poser tools were all about style over substance. That’s not the case with the Pops Q Tool. It really does have substance (functionality) over style.

I don’t drink alcoholic beverages but I did try out the bottle opener on a couple of quality artisan root beers and it works just fine. No problems with that feature. The grill scraper worked, which was a surprise, because most don’t work all that well. I’m not all that sure I’ll ever really use it as a scrapper because scrapping one grate at a time is slow and tedious, but if you’re in need of a quick scrap this will work for you.

The fork part of the tool is fantastic. It appears a lot of thought went in to the design. The tines of the fork worked perfectly on my Weber grates and best of all the Pops Q Tool times are perfect for turning foods on my Grill Grates. I really like that. The spatula works like a spatula should. I do wish the spatula was a little wider because I could use it on larger fish fillets, but the size is adequate for most things cooked on the grill.

The true test was not if the spatula or the fork worked separately. The test was if they worked together. I was a little skeptical that the grill scraper was going to fit into the bottle opener and be sturdy enough to turn meats, or whatever else I wanted to do. I just didn’t think it would work. Again, I was surprise. It all works. The combination of the spatula and fork makes a fantastic set of tongs.

Father’s Day is a few months off, but if you’re a dad who likes to cook outdoors, this tool should be on your wish list. You can even get the handles personalized. Purchase you Pops Q Tool online.