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'Poppy Cat: Birthday Treasure And Other Adventures' DVD Review

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Poppy Cat: Birthday Treasure And Other Adventures


Poppy Cat is here to take us on many adventures Poppy Cat enjoys going to mythical lands with her friends One of her friends, Zuzu is a black and white dog who looks kind of like a Dalmatian. Now Zuzu is full of energy and loves to skateboard. What's funny about Zuzu is that he is always falling or tumbling and it can get very rough, but being fearless as he is allows him to shake it off. Zuzu is really a good sport but is a little lacking when it comes to manners.

Alma, the pink and white European rabbit is very charming but very excitable Every time she is around she acts as if she is out of breath. Alma loves to sing.

Mo, is a feisty yellow mouse who is very cautious. If it wasn't for Poppy Cat, Mo would never leave the backyard. Mo loves to collect everything and has a museum on the Moon.

Now Owl is simply put one lazy brown Eurasian eagle owl. Owl wears a wool hat but no one knows why. Owl has been the traveler but always gets lost. Spoiled, this Owl loves the finer things in life.

Let us not forget Egbert an arrogant male Badger. Egbert always wants to be part of the group but on his terms. What's funny is he always acts as if he is on a secret mission but when he meets up with the gang he is always in character. Usually he is acting like a pirate or something else.

Finally we have Gilda and Rocket Cat. Gilda is an arrogant pigeon that some of the group don't care for and Rocket Cat who lives for outer space adventures. This is Poppy Cat's little gang of adventurers.

Oh no, I forgot Lara, Poppy Cat's owner. She tells us all about the adventures. Eone has brought is one of the most enjoyable DVDs for children in a very long time. The quality is the best as for sound and visual and will keep your children entertained as Poppy Cat and her friends travel the universe playing adventures and games. Enjoy.