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Watch the film about Pompeii

Pompeii Film


The newest film is out on the end of the world. Pompeii the fabled city lost under a rubble of ash from the local volcano which was part of the earlier Roman empire gladiator sports. The colessium may have also held some events leading up to the Greek games as it is the same time period.

The focus of the film is on this life of the pre Christian era of the world empire begun by Greece under Alexander the great and completed by the Romans under the various Ceasers.

Londinium an outpost of the Romans, in present day London is seen just prior to being abandoned by the Romans. They hunted down and massacred as many of the original native inhabitants of the Island of Britain, including the Celtic tribal clans such as the "Horse Clan".

Thus the movie begins laying a basis of characters which may have been real or fictionalized. The events are real, the Romans in Britannia, the slave trade which included the Gladiators sports in coliseums around their world, and the fiery outburst of the now famous Volcano Vesuvius.

The Roman general who staged the Celtic massacre arrives 15 years after the event to the smaller city of Pompeii in order to claim the prize of a young girl of a noble family which will cement his destiny in Rome as a politician. One of the participants is the only survivor of the massacre which could be the end of his career of fully told to the proper politician, instead he has spent the last 15 years learning to fight for his life.

Watching the Gladiators is the climax of the story but not the movie as it shows the powerful force of the volcanoes destruction. Two of the more famous gladiators are featured in the story, Atticus, an African slave who is about to receive his freedom according to Roman rule and Brutus a Roman under the service of the general, who is still not a free man.

Anyone who has experienced one or lived near one will appreciate the rumbles and smoke long before these residents realize their world is at an end. The end of the Roman world is closing as well as the rulers begin to loose control of their outposts due to the enormous rivalry of their generals.

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