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Political fantasy

Political fantasy
Solstice Publishing

The Four Kings


Dear LA Teacher,

I'm a senior at Reseda High School. My English teacher wants us to read a novel about politics, but I am really into fantasy. Do you know of a book that integrates fantasy into a political novel?

Valley Teen

Dear Valley Teen,

I sure do. Try The Four Kings by Scott Spotson.

The U.S. presidency is shrouded in scandal. The world economy is in depression, and India and Pakistan are on the brink of a nuclear exchange. In the midst of the crisis four young adults materialize in the Oval Office and announce, “We are the Liberators!”

Thus begins Scott Spotson’s political fantasy, The Four Kings. This 492-page epic novel is about a race of wizards taking over our world to implement needed changes. From the Mortals (that’s us) they choose Amanda Fullerton as their Supreme Liaison.

A committee of four takes control of each continent destroying the nation-state paradigm over night. World government and economy are now in the hands of the Wizards where coins and bills are replaced by “bitcoins” and taxes are abolished. Each continental team of wizards appoints its own Supreme Liaison to act as emissary between the Wizards and the Mortals.

Through Amanda’s point of view, Spotson’s fantasy about Justica, Demus, Regi, and Indie—the four wizards of North America—is perceived. Their ruling style can be seen on huge flat screens in the sky by the masses on special days called Game Day, Debate Day, and Petition Day. As Supreme Liaison, Amanda has the challenging job of communicating wizard intent to the “liberated” population and Mortal concerns to their new rulers. Thrown into the mix is a love triangle between Amanda and the two male wizards and Amanda’s loyalty to her conquered people as she connives to uncover the Wizard Achilles heel.

The Four Kings is a novel with non-stop excitement that keeps coming until its rewarding climax.


LA Teacher