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Polite Provisions manufactures of local tonics elixirs and cures

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Mike Spradley

Polite Provisions San Diego North Park


Polite Provisions is like stepping back in time before sports bars and big screen televisions you find in just about every watering hole in world.

If you can imagine being in establishment in the 1920’s, from the decor to the uniformed staff you are on the right track. Every detail from the hand chipped ice to the punch bowl has a simpler time in mind.

You are without the distractions of the modern world, I would invite you to leave your mobile phone in the car and enjoy a real conversation or a drink in solace.

As a dedicated vodka drinker I have never liked or should I say been willing to give whisky, bourbon or rum the chance they truly deserve. I have a new appreciation for bourbon and strongly recommend the Old Fashioned made from the Polite Provisions private barrel $8. The Kentucky Buck made from bourbon, fresh lemon, strawberry and house made ginger perfect on a winter’s night and believe it or not refreshing on a hot summers day, it’s just how it rolls.

If spirits are not your thing you can indulge in the house made sodas like the Egg Cream made from milk, house made chocolate syrup and seltzer. The Balboa Park Fizz is another favorite made from milk, baking spice gomme, free range egg white and seltzer. Many other house made sodas are available for an absolute steal of just $3.00. If soda on draft is more your style you can quench your thirst on the Virgil’s Root Beer. Rita’s Rose Petal Soda or the Fancy Lad Cream Soda for $2.50.

Polite Provisions is the perfect place for a first date or a ladies night out. This is the place where men are gentlemen, not dudes or bros. You get to class it up a bit without the pretentious nonsense you would expect to find in a like quality establishment in other cities in the United States. Whether you are a local to San Diego or on vacation this is a must try. Polite Provisions receives five stars for being fantastic in every way you can imagine. To the staff all I can say is a job well done!

If you are in need of quality and delicious food it is provided by Soda &Swine. A delicious partner located next door or served at Polite Provisions.

Polite Provisions

4696 30th street

San Diego, CA 92116


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