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Podcast review: 'Fantasy Fiction'

Fantasy Fiction Podcast


Fantasy Fiction Podcast’ is a regularly updated show about two guys sharing their love of storytelling. Josh and Dom of YouTube hit series Continue? Show, each tell a short story about their shared world of death metal ballad wizards and ‘sexecutioners.’ Characters include Buff Cat, Throm, and Thaddeus Thunderbeard that each week get mixed up in awesome mis-adventures.

When the going get fantasy, the fiction gets wizardy.
When the going get fantasy, the fiction gets wizardy.
Fantasy Fiction
Beauty is in the eye... eyes of... oh hell that is the stuff of nightmares.
Fantasy Fiction Podcast

Each episode constitutes approximately a little under an hour. They often recap their past week’s exploits and fantasy related content experiences. For fans of Continue? Show, Josh plays a much larger role and you get a larger helping of his brand of comedy. For fans of Dom--he is there too!

The short stories they tell are often nonsensical comedy with heavy genre overtones and parodies laced through out. Casting a spell for example may require reciting rock ballads from the 80’s before they work. Characters often use highly sexual, provacative, extreme, and downright awesome ways to complete everyday tasks.

In many ways it sounds like a radio play version of an adult(er) version of ‘Adventure Time’ with more cursing and blood. Each episode usually involves a certain amount of killing while characters try to solve problems like finding a date or saving a family member from their ‘sexecution.’

A word of warning about the show. It is very very very adult with strong language and violent scenes. It is not advisable for young children, those easily offended, or anyone that is a big wet blanket.

Despite the amount of language and gratuitous sexual themes the series is spectacular. Each episode is like listening to your drunk friend tell a story about their last game of D&D. In addition there is a thriving community for the show who often communicate through Twitter or post through the ‘Fantasy Fiction’ Wiki page.

I give ‘Fantasy Fiction Podcast’ five out of five dancing hamsters for creativity, engagingness, and their pure unadulterated psychedelic overdrive rad-ness.

Make sure to check out the Podcast, follow them on Twitter, and see their amazing merchandise in their online store.