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Pocket Yoga app review

Pocket Yoga app


A 2012 study by Yoga Journal,, estimates that 20.4 million Americans practice yoga. The Pocket Yoga app,, by Gaia Flow Yoga allows busy yogis the convenience of practicing yoga any time and any place.

Pocket Yoga requires no network connection and is available at the low cost of $ 2.99. With the app, the user can select from three different practices, three varied durations, and three levels of yoga. Breathing and yoga performance suggestions are delivered throughout the lessons.

Each instructional unit at Pocket Yoga is enhanced with a soothing voice and detailed digital instructions. These benefits allow the user to go at his or her pace. The teachers for this adventure are renowned yoga instructors Chrystal Rae Almeida and Andres Illera.

Additionally there is an illustrated dictionary of poses. Because the app allows an Apple Airplay TV connection, this illustrated dictionary is useful for a beginner who might be intimidated by attending a yoga class.

The app includes a perk called Karma points. These fun points are rewarded when the yogi uses the app on a regular basis. This component of the Pocket Yoga will appeal to the group called “aspirational yogis” by Yoga Journal. These are the 44.4% of Americans interested in trying Yoga. The Karma Points unlock new environments for the yoga lessons. Everyone likes rewards.

At the Yoga Pocket support site,, there is an extensive question and answer page for any problems you may have with the app or the lessons.

App Specifications and Platforms (
iOS ipodtouch
Macs with OS X 10.6 or later
Windows 8

Pocket Yoga is a must-have app for busy people who practice yoga or people who want to practice yoga. The price is affordable, the app is user friendly, and the Karma points are fun.

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