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Pocket Planes: A worthy successor to Tiny Tower

Pocket Planes


NimbleBit’s latest iOS title is Pocket Planes. The Bitizens are back, and this time around they’re shipping people and products between the busiest of airports. Like Tiny Tower, the game itself is free with optional Plane Bux. Plane Bux can be earned via cash purchases or acquired through gameplay. Acquisition of Plane Bux becomes progressively easier as better planes and busier airports are unlocked, so the title is absolutely playable without spending money.

Gameplay is very active during the early stages of the game, with plane trips consisting of quick 2-8 minute flights on starter aircraft. These beginner planes can only transport one person or product at a time and generally only have the capability to move to nearby locations. As players progress, a whole world of options opens up. Quite literally, as players progress and unlock the world’s largest airports and choice destinations.

Will the player choose to focus on long oceanic flights or play the margins on quick cargo between mid-tier airports? Will the player choose to oversee every layover and stack flights to single locations for big payouts or simply check back after a day at the office? The options and investment times are incredibly diverse; Pocket Planes has something for every stripe of gamer from the hardcore simulation commander to the casual checking on the plane empire once a weekend.

Players have a variety of activities to engage in as they wait for planes to land. The market is continually changing, offering a selection of planes and parts. Savvy players will scout pieces of planes and assemble them from scratch, acquiring the craft at a significantly reduced price. Airports can be upgraded, planes can be modified from pilot to paint, and players will want to invest in enhancing their best aircraft with Plane Bux for even more efficiency. Alternatively, players can watch their planes in flight. Coins and the occasional Plane Bux soar by, picked up with a quick tap on the screen.

Overall, Pocket Planes is a worthy follow-up to Tiny Tower, and there will undoubtedly be new things on the horizon for the Bitizens in the future.

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