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Pleasure Off The Avenue And Great Food At The Patio Delray Beach

The Patio Delray Beach Fl
The Patio Delray Beach Fl
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The Patio Resteraunt Delray Beach Florida


As a new resident of Delray, I was excited to explore more than what was just on the avenue. I love to cook but when I do go out and eat it has to be a sensory "experience". So, I took the suggestion of my Dining buddy Stacy who is an established Delray resident and we went off to "The Patio" in Delray which is located off the avenue. The address is below.

The phone number is(561) 279-0880 no reservations needed really.

At the Door:

We were greeted warmly by the staff and seated immediately. The waitress, Cynthia was friendly and engaging and we even got to meet the owner.

The Food Experience:

Both Stacy and I ordered the 1/2 pound burger. We just decided we wanted meat because we eat it so rarely if at all at home. We started with an iceberg wedge that they split for us without us asking and without hesitation. The wedge was covered in a blue cheese that was so creamy--so tangy, it melted in your mouth.

They also brought over a complimentary new appetizer which was a garlic herb flat bread and a sun dried tomato accompaniment that was delightful and not overpowering. We had two glasses of house white wine which was delightfully dry and suited red meat just fine.

The burgers were both ordered medium and were cooked to order perfectly and served on a warm French-style bread roll. The homemade potato chips were a light and crispy accompaniment to the burger. Needless to say we ate everything with no room for dessert.

Physical Atmosphere:

When you walk in, the bar looks nice with a blue light illuminating it. The dining room is colored right for the tropics but the art work on the walls seems to lack logic. It is a potpourri of everything from a picture of the Kennedy Space Center launch pad to a parrot. The table settings were set with class and made you feel as if you were in a formal dining room. Yet I felt welcome and comfortable in casual clothing.

The Cost:

Let me begin by saying that this restaurant is moderately priced in the first place. We made the experience more affordable with a Groupon and the bill for two people was $15. When we spoke to the owner and told her that I was going to present her with a 5 star rating card she told us that she had no issue with mentioning Groupon. She basically said "Well, it brought you here" to which I responded and I will certainly be back.

Bottom Line:

I found the staff to be the most impressive. They were friendly and engaging, like they were enjoying the act of creating a magical experience for you. The physical atmosphere was interesting but not off putting. The price for two without the Groupon would have been in the$40 range and would have been acceptable to me.

The Patio Delray gets 5 stars and a rating card to display where they wish--it was well-deserved!

Want a restaurant reviewed give me a call! 954-559-4915

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