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PlayStation Vita review: Two year anniversary

PlayStation Vita


The PlayStation Vita has just celebrated its second anniversary in the US over the weekend, February 22, 2014. This milestone has compelled me to write another review in commemoration of this revolutionary handheld. In this article, I will not delve into my first impression of the handheld but rather the direction it has taken.

PlayStation Vita
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

PlayStation Vita is the best handheld experience money can buy at the moment that fact is undisputable. But why has the console failed to reach the same level of success as its predecessor, PlayStation Portable? The root of the problem can be in Sony's marketing of the product.

A home console experience on the go-Sony

The launch title Uncharted Golden Abyss gave a taste of what's possible. However, since then the PlayStation Vita has been geared toward the indie development community. No offense to indie devs, they bring great creativity and an overall different take to what most consumers are used to. Console quality games on a handheld like the PlayStation Vita, require AAA budget. Sony’s shift in terms of the marketing message has caused confusion for consumers which in terms has affected PlayStation Vita sales.

Sony must use its resources to influence reputable developers to work on the PlayStation Vita. Nintendo’s alternative, the 3DS has giving the Vita a flogging in terms of worldwide sales when considering launch to date timeline. This is no accident, the 3DS though incredibly underpowered has the support of third party companies and internal development teams which cranks out IP’s like Mario and Zelda.

PlayStation Vita has received a consistent stream of updates within the last two years, some minor and some major. My one real problem with the console has been its UI presentation, the bubble UI makes the console look outdated and cheesy. Sony should release a major update to address this issue, make the UI design resemble that of the PlayStation 4. Which should only makes sense due to Sony now promoting both home and handheld as perfect accessories for one another.

Not all is bad news for the handheld, the PlayStation 4 has helped bolster sales for Vita. The handheld redesign, PlayStation Vita Slim will make its imminent debut on US soil this coming March with Borderlands 2 bundled in. Indie devs are pushing out content at break-neck speeds on the PlayStation Network.

Sony will surely announce the next phase of the PlayStation Vita roadmap at E3 2014. For now we will just have to wait and see.