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PlayhouseSquare’s production of ‘Menopause – The Musical’ is a laugh riot

Menopause The Musical


“Menopause: The Musical” is a celebration of the older woman. It is a hilarious romp through music and dance concerning “the secret change” that mature women go through. The show is now playing at The Hanna Theatre (located at 2067 East 14th Street, Cleveland, Ohio) through February 2, 2014. The show originated in 2001 and since then has toured from coast to coast over a dozen countries worldwide.

This is a load of fun for both men and women and an evening filled with laughter.
This is a load of fun for both men and women and an evening filled with laughter.
This is a great evening of laughs

Four women of different backgrounds and histories have a chance meeting at Bloomingdales Department Store in New York City. After a brief skirmish over a black lace bra, they realize that they are all related in the fact that each of them is going through “The Silent Change” and through a series of parodied songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s tell the tale of the challenges they are undergoing with their bodies seemingly rebelling in spite of their best efforts.

What makes this production so great is the unabashed honesty and humor with which this subject is discussed. Nothing is held back as they sing of hot flashes, forgetfulness, mood swings, wrinkles, night sweats, sexual longings, medications and chocolate binges. The delivery is superb in such songs as “Thank You Doctor” (Help Me Rhonda), “Staying’ Awake” (Staying Alive), Puff’ My God I’m Draggin” (Puff The Magic Dragon, “Hot Flash” (Hot Stuff), and “Change, Change, Change” (Chain of Fools). In total there are 25 songs and each one is a zinger. Added to this is the huge array of costume changes especially in the waning minutes of the production as well as the invite to all women in the audience who have gone through or are going through the change of life to join the cast on stage for a song and dance.

I have to admit that I went to this show with no idea what I was getting myself into but let me tell you that I laughed through the entire show. There is only one thing more difficult than a musical with singing and dancing, it is one with wall to wall comedy, but this one delivers. The show stars Dyan Beder as the Iowa housewife, Donna J. Huntley as the professional woman, Paula Kilne-Messner as the soap star and June Lang as the earth mother. You can feel the bond that these women share as they work off each other for laughs. The set is understated elegance with smooth transitions as the women “travel” the various floors of the huge shopping store. The only complaint I had was at times the miking was not up to snuff and some of the funny lines were lost to most of the audience.

Prude Alert: While a serious subject, the show takes a light hearted look at menopause with lots of fun, singing, dancing and carrying on. There is no profanity but there is some sexual innuendos that are quite broad and clear.

Shooting From The Lip (My Last Words): “Menopause” now playing at the Hanna Theatre is an absolute delight. It is one laugh out loud situation after another through the entire show. You will find tears forming from so much laughing. This is a great show for women and men alike and a guaranteed good time for all.

Tickets are on sale now for Menopause The Musical®, through February 2, 2014 at PlayhouseSquare’s Hanna Theatre. Performance times are Tuesday through Friday at 7:30 p.m., Saturday at 1:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 1:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Tickets are available at the PlayhouseSquare Ticket Office, via phone at 216-241-6000 or online Ticket prices range from $10.00 to $60.00. Groups of 15 or more call 216-640-8600.

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