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Play the wrong note and die a review for ‘Grand Piano’

Grand Piano


There are films that many have watched over the years that some would say are filled with suspense. Sometimes these films have amazing actors and a tremendous budget but fail to execute an intelligent production. Rather locked in a telephone booth, speeding down the freeway on a public bus, or stuck in a 24 hour atm most movie watchers leave these films not understanding how someone could find themselves in a predicament that is well just dumb. That is not the case with Grand Piano. Adding to the recent collection of extraordinary films from Magnet Releasing Grand Piano is smart, refreshing, and torturous on the mind. Most films these days keep a very vague line between who the good and bad guys are but Piano excels is making you gain sympathy for the hero and unrelenting hate for the villain.

"Images from the thriller Grand Piano starring Elijah Wood in theaters March 7th!"
"Images from the thriller Grand Piano starring Elijah Wood in theaters March 7th!" Magnolia Pictures
"Beautiful and mesmerizing is the new thriller Grand Piano in theaters March 7th!"
"Beautiful and mesmerizing is the new thriller Grand Piano in theaters March 7th!"Magnolia Pictures

The film stars Elijah Wood as Tom Selznick. He is one of the greatest pianist of his generation and is returning to the stage after a 5 year lapse. The reason behind his exile is due to one life changing evening that made him question his own worth as a musician. Dealing with all that comes with his spotlight he must gather himself to not only prove he is still the best but to prove to his movie star wife Emma (Kerry Bishe) that he is still the man she fell in love with. Upon starting his performance he finds a note on his sheet music that will turn this night from an evening of majestic beauty to a night of terror and intrigue.

The true standout to Grand Piano is director Eugenio Mira and his mesmerizing camera work. Most of the film of this caliber are usually in confined spaces so to keep the tension high in the beautiful theatre was remarkable. Don’t really expect too much of a different performance from Wood as he does nothing out of the ordinary in this film. Whether it’s Maniac, or Wilfred you get what you get with him. The genius behind Wood is not that he is an extraordinary actor he just finds roles that he executes flawlessly. The rest of the cast did not need to do much as the overall atmosphere starts and ends with the interactions of Woods, the killer and the piano.

Grand Piano is a hitchcockian type of thrills that has a few surprises along the way. I think fans of crime drama television shows would have a field day with this movie. It’s the type of film after watching that you would ask yourself and others what would you do in that scenario. The position Wood is in becomes a nightmare fueled primarily from his own anguish. Being the best takes a lot out of someone and when there is literally a gun pointed to you head you can expect the unexpected. Grand Piano is an amazing film and a refreshing entry into a subgenre that has almost become comical as of late. This is a film that many will see, enjoy and talk about for sometime to come. Add it to your must see list of 2014.


Grand Piano is directed by Eugenio Mira and stars Elijah Wood, John Cusack, Tamsin Egerton, Kerry Bishé and Alex Winter. It is now playing in limited theaters and for a list of the theaters showing Grand Piano go here:

Grand Piano is being distributed courtesy of Magnet Releasing.