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Nosemaker's Apprentice: Chronicles of a Medieval Plastic Surgeon


The Nosemaker’s Apprentice: Chronicles of a Medieval Plastic Surgeon is a made up tale of a young orphan boy who is rescued from the “Ivanhoe Workhouse for the Criminally Impoverished Boys”. A story manufactured by the bitter and drunk father (Jay Duffer) of an eight year old girl (Alexandra Lawrence), who questions his practice of medicine.

The opening scene begins as a sweet and touching one as a father is tucking his young daughter into bed for the night. As he gets up to walk out of the room she asks him one question, “Daddy, do you think I am beautiful?” The sweet and innocence quickly turns to comedy and mayhem as the father begins to tell his tale. Duffer’s delivery of one-liners is spot-on, sometimes just as you would expect and at other times making you gasp in surprise. His interaction with the audience is remarkable. If you listen carefully, he gives you subtle cues as to what is about happen. But be ready because with this story, anything is possible.

You see, her father claims to be a plastic surgeon but he does not have a license. He considers this to be a mild technicality. This does not stop him from performing plastic surgery, he tells a story to justify why this is okay. He tell her a story of a young orphan boy (Scott Zenreich) and his journey from orphan to unlicensed plastic surgeon. Zenreich uses his facial gestures and mannerisms to convey the age of the character he is playing. He is very expressive and energetic. Wulfric (Brandon Murphy) a successful and world renown noisemaker is in search of an apprentice to both help with his abundance of work and to pass on his trade. He takes Gavin under his wing and teaches him all he has learned. He later decides that this is not enough so he gives Gavin his treasured heirloom and all his life savings. He instructs him to use this money to go to college so he too can become a licensed Nosemaker. Murphy plays several characters, each more outlandish that the first. So outlandish that even Murphy has trouble containing his grin at time, making the audience laugh even harder. This is one of those shows where the audience makes no attempt to contain their laughter because to do so would be futile, the show is absolutely uproarious. The moment Gavin and Wulfric’s daughter, Amelia (also played by Alexandra Lawrence) meet, it is love at first sight. Lawrence plays both daughters in this production. Even with the limited scenery and movement, Lawrence plays a convincing eight year old girl. Her facial expressions and line delivery are true to the innocence of that age. Her role as the young daughter of Wulfric is also genuine as a young woman supporting her father and in love with this new apprentice. It is fun to watch her go from sweet and innocent in her bed listening to her father’s story to a young woman living in medieval times.

John Forker plays the most characters in this production, six to be exact. He pops up in unexpected places and at unexpected times. He plays each character with such enthusiasm and charisma that you can’t help but love him. His characters are eccentric and usually not completely visible by the audience, but this does not keep him from playing each to their full potential. Who would think grumbling inaudible dialog could sound so funny? This production is filled with so many preposterous moments that the audience has a hard time focusing on just one character.

Every actor in this show is so talented that while they each shine in their own moments, none of then take away from the other. They compliment one another is a way that is only plausible when working together with confidence and true talent. Hats off to Director David Miller for another side-splitting production of epic proportions.

Please note this is an adult show due to strong language and content.

For reservations call (817) 923-3012 or visit the box office online. Show runs through August 10, 2014.

120 South Main Street
Fort Worth, TX 76104

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